The Boys are Training to Kill


Please Don't Post Those Inspirational Photos of People with Disabilities

I love thus post! And I agree. "Inspiration porn" memes are condescending and pitying. I don't ...more

My Full and Broken Heart: A Mother's Story of APD

Auditory processing disorder. ...more

Letting Go of the Mother I Was for the Woman I Might Be

And inside, all this emotion is boiling over and screaming: It is my turn now! I have waited. I have diapered. I have attended soccer practice. I have meal planned. And I have been the person who keeps it all going for everyone. When do I get to do what gives me joy? When do I get to throw my full weight behind a dream and see -- just see -- if I can damn well do it? I am troubled by the fact that my family might need me to keep doing what I do: working, making lunches, updating calendars, packing bags for a number of more years before I really have the right to say that I want to play writer and they can pack their own damn lunch. ...more
 @foodiegoeshealthy So true. I find I can hardly give what feels like 50% to each of these on ...more

Dear Dr. Blogheimer,

Today's post is a parody as assigned by the amazing, talented Elizabeth Grace of Word Nerd Speaks for the GBE2 Blogging Group. ...more
I'm not sure how I missed this, but it is EXCELLENT! :-)more

The Stranger Who Took My Heart


What is Faith in Ambiguity?

Faith: belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit,etc. Ambiguity: doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention ...more
 @tkathleen I agree ... always allow room for more growth!  I'll enjoy following your probing ...more