This little Pig

Learn where your food comes from!These little pigs are out in the fields all day, these little pigs only eat grass and grains, this little pig can come home with me!Imagine a pork farm with no smell, where pigs have room to move and are fed with grass and grains.  It is hard to go back to anything else once the discovery is made....more

Fish should smell like Watermelon.

If you have ever tried fish caught and cooked by a local fisherman you know few things get better than that.  Fish that is so light and soft it does not need  but a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon to be perfect.Fish House and Market  "The Sandbar"  in San Antonio, TX  knows exactly what I mean. Owner, Andrew Weissman believes "fresh fish should smell like watermelon."  And he makes sure fish at "The Sandbar" is proof of that....more

Same Old Kitchen

I have cherished memories of my parent’s kitchen.  Not that it was a modern, state of the art kitchen.  On the contrary, it was an old, badly- taken- care- of- kitchen.  The kind where the drawers are hard to open and when they are closed, they all looked crooked....more

Sharing Seeds

Pedro Schambon and Elizabeth Johnson  got together at My Father’s Farm  with the excitement of seeing a new variety of pepper grow.Months ago, Pedro had planted Aji Pepper seeds for Elizabeth and it was time to see if the idea of growing a Peruvian variety of pepper could  be grown in Texas.>...more

The Old Craft of Baking Bread.

From all the places I have visited, something most of them share is the pride for baking.Such a noble profession the art of baking bread!   Might take similar ingredients but when it’s about pride,  each baker has it’s own favorite....more
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Salsa Anyone ?

Salsa Anyone?The thing about food is that even though we eat at least three times a day, really only few meals make it to the “Wow” part of the brain.Why is that?There are recipes we make over and over again without loosing the “Wow” syndrome.  No matter where or when or with whom we share them with we still get the same wonderful feeling of self approval. The kind where we pause, close our eyes, smile and declare: “This is good!”...more
 @Bad Luck Detective Thank you Suzie ! hope you do get to try it out. I'll probably post a Mango ...more