careful to label

I posted on Facebook earlier about a situation going on at the girls’ school. Ryder is in a bit of a situation where she is being “bullied”. I’m so careful to even say that word because I think we live in a society that is quick to cry “bully” and not quick to teach their children appropriate behavior or how to stand up for themselves ....more

Ipsy Unbagging | April 2015

I haven’t done this in a couple of months because I just haven’t felt like it. Also I’ve been having computer issues. IPSY GLAM BAG is a $10 a month subscription of beauty products – for more info, check the blog- JuleG Nail Color – Damsel Pandora’s Makeup Box – Pink Carnation Blush the Balm Cosmetics Eye Shadow – Nude Dude Fit Olive Natural Beauty – Olive Lip Balm MICA Beauty – eye primer Sorry this video is longer- next time I will do a quick one ....more

finally a soccer mom

The dream has happened. It is finally soccer season which means… I am finally a soccer mom. *Insert spirit fingers.* This is not something I anticipated being so excited about ....more

friday links & loves

I wish I had some fun things to tell you today, but quite frankly, this week has been a blur and a bit blah. I don’t know if I mentioned it on the blog, but Jersey (the dog) somehow messed her back all up. Bulging discs, fractures, etc ....more

Easter 2015

For the first time in probably our entire marriage, Andy got off for Good Friday. He so rarely has a long weekend and we were just so excited about it. Friday we decided to head to IKEA in Atlanta to look for/measure/price furniture for the new house ....more

car “wrecks” and potty mouths

Oh, yesterday. April Fools. You did not disappoint ....more

is it still the spring break?!

Ryder has had a hard time grasping the whole Spring Break thing this week. About every 10 minutes she runs to me and excitedly asks, “Is it still the spring break?!” Bless. I will admit that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to spring break ....more

maybe sometimes we need to lose it.

Do you ever have about a million things hit you at the same time that are just so discouraging and ugly and seem hopeless? Do you ever feel so beaten down you just want to beat someone back? Do you ever just crack under it all and lose your shiii cool? ...more

the great home and kindergarten search of 2015

Last week was one of those crazy busy weeks that involved so many big decisions it was hard to keep up with “normal” life things. Like laundry. Which I can attest to since Andy and I put up approximately 347 loads of laundry yesterday ....more

babies, weddings, mudding, and butts. (what more you could ask for?!)

I have been gone from the internet world (more on that in another post) for two weeks and I now feel like I have SO MUCH to catch you up on. Let’s dive right in, okay? First, I feel like I should update you on the state of my hair after...more