Let the noise of love be loud at our tables today.

This week has been very loud. I can’t seem to get away from the noise around the world. The Ferguson tragedies are ringing loud throughout social media and loud in every part of my heart ....more

We Choose Virtues (product review)

There are times in life when you wish you would’ve heard of a product or a way to do something A LONG TIME AGO. I recently had this experience. I started following We Choose Virtues on Facebook a while ago, but never got around to purchasing the product ....more

Girls Trip to NYC 2014

About 6 or so months ago a group of friends were texting and joking around about how we needed a break and would love to go on a girls trip. This seemed far fetched because how on earth could we possibly manage to get FIVE husbands to agree to let all the wives go on a trip to NYC at the same time?!!!!!!!!! Basically the trick is to be married to the best husbands on earth ....more

the joy that is family picture day.

I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since moving here because I have literally one friend here (this is not a sob story- its my fault, I have been laying low). So I was browsing during “rest time” one day on Instagram over a month or so ago and found a local photographer. It just so happened she was having a give away and I just so happened to enter it ....more

this is what we call a success

Right after we moved here I was in this state of bliss that almost scared me because it had been a LONG DANG TIME since we had no catastrophes or crisis situations. We were living a dream for a good two months of calm. Well ....more

Like. For real.

This morning Rory reached the height of her disdain for me so far in her life because I dropped her off at school in a hoodie and a baseball hat. Rory: Mom can you just open the door and let me go in? Me: No, why? ...more

hush. don’t scare it away.

Yesterday I took Rory to school as per usual and got home with Ryder. She was in her room playing like she loves to do (because she gets to play ALONE in her imaginary dream world) and I was sitting on the couch watching my usual Gilmore Girls because I CANNOT QUIT. All of a sudden I hear the pitter patter of feet on the floor ....more

but my mouth was open!

Well. I’ve been away. Har har har ....more

Taking care of yourself as a SAHM (some tips). #write31days

I was a stay-at-home mom for 4 years before getting a job last year. I lived in unwashed/undone hair, little to no makeup, and yoga pants...more

say and go (because I’m a failure). #write31days

My parents are currently here visiting and I’m treasuring every second with them. Therefore, I am not writing so much. Here is what I will say, my girls were so surprised when my parents showed up I thought Ryder was for sure going to faint or sob and Rory was bouncing off the walls in delight ....more