Social Media Manners

I had the honor of participating in BlogHer Biz '08. Part of my gig was to lead one of the round table 'experts' discussions. However, as what usually happens in a free flowing BlogHer conversation, I learned more from the fabulous women than I gave. Our talk turned to etiquette in social media .. what is proper and politie in the digital world. Do we still need to remember our manners? The Divas round the table kindly agreed to share their thoughts. ...more

and nobody can read your tone.  often in forums, something can be taken completely differently ...more

Interview With BlogHer Panelist Remi Adams

New York! New York! Get ready for the women bloggers. BlogHer Business is less than a week away. I’ve had the best time getting to know the amazing, and very different, women, who I’m sharing the opening of the panel “Should You Blog?” Penelope Trunk, Remi Adams and Roxanne Darling and I call it the “opening” since our job is to jump start the conversation opening the doors to a discussion with and among the people attending. In the second mini interview with the panelists, Remi Adams, director of public relations for Homestead Technologies encourages you to ask a few questions before you launch a corporate blog. Toby: We are speaking at the BlogHer Business Conference on the panel "Should You Blog?" The panel is part of the track "How Do I Get It Right the First Time?" How can you get a corporate blog right the first time? Remi: Make sure that the purpose of the blog is well thought out before embarking upon it. What’s the point of the blog? Who is the audience? How will it be used? Who is writing it and in what voice? What information will be divulged and will that information need to be cleared with anyone within the company? These are just a few of the questions people should ask themselves before creating a corporate blog. Also, ask yourself a question people rarely ask of themselves: Do you have the time or resources to create content? Toby: The blog, CEO Unplugged ...more

Interview With BlogHer Panelist Penelope Trunk

The days are ticking down to BlogHer Business in Manhattan on March 22-23. I'm honored and excited to moderate the panel "How To Do I Get It Right The First Time?" on day two. Penelope Trunk, Remi Adams and Roxanne Darling will join me in exploring issues that business blogger face. We thought it would be fun to give you a taste of the conversation through a series of mini interviews with the panelists. First up is Penelope Trunk, columnist for the Boston Globe and Yahoo! Finance. Penelope blogs at Brazen Careerist ...more

Behind The Scenes At BlogHer's Conferences With Elisa Camahort

Last month I caught up with Elisa Camahort when we were in DC. Although I've been involved, as a speaker, editor and supporter, of BlogHer since the early days (It's strange to think that less than 2 years can be called "the early days" in social media.) I was curious to learn how within, what seemed like seconds, BlogHer had morphed from one workshop - to an online community - to an ad network - to two niched conferences. ...more

BlogHer Business Blog Case Studies UnPanel - Day Two

What do cars, a giant goddess, web hosting, bones and bikes have in common? Add a little inspiration and some research and it's the biz blog 'unpanel' of Day 2 of BlogHer 2006. Susan Getgood is the "un-guide" of this session. Yvonne DiVita, Heather Sanders, Lori Taylor, Jody Devere, Average Jane, Stephanie Hendrik and I will share 5-minute mini case studies with you. We'll talk about what worked and what did not. For more information and the urls of the cases please check out this post: ...more

Organic Grown Food: Small Farmers & Big Grocery Stores

When you think of organically grown food what comes to mind? For many people it's two concepts: healthier foods and small farmers committed to a safe, clean environment. I have a romanticized image of a hard working farmer that through lovin' the land, carefully tending her crops and not using chemical fertilizers or pesticides produces healthier, better tasting fruits and veggie. Needless to say, this type of TLC does not come cheap. However, many people are willing to pay a pretty premium for organic-foods, not only because they assume the food is better for you, but there's a feel good benefitin helping the small farmer....more

Hey Toby!
Recently one of my clients, the St.Paul JCC, hosted a talk by an organic farmer who ...more

Asian Spring Meal

Contributing Editor Toby Bloomberg also blogs at Diva Marketing Atlanta has wonderful Asian farmer's markets. Last weekend I discovered a new one and before I knew it, a visit was at the top of my "Saturday List." ...more

Passover Birthday Sweets

Contributing Editor, Toby Bloomberg, also blogs at Diva Marketing I'm experimenting with a new direction for my 'beat' ... along the idea of "Special Meals For The Everyday." The thought is to build mini menus around a theme. The "everyday" could run from a Fourth of July celebration to a Wednesday night veg out veggie supper. As always, your ideas and feedback are welcomed and appreciated. ...more

There's More To Java

Good Food Ends With Good Talk takes us on a behind the scene photo visit to a coffee plantation. ...more

Did y'all know there is a new more

Simple Can Be Haute Cuisine

Last week I was making dinner and wanted a veggie side. However, there were few options in the crisper. I found some baby carrots. Even though baby carrots are cute...boring, boiled carrots would never do. Then I noticed the apple cider. Carrots steamed in cider...what a delicious surprise. I made them 3 nights in a row! ...more