Why I listen to Raffi

I see my daughter's blonde pigtails and falling-out-of-the-barrettes hair being blown around by the wind from her rolled-down backseat window....more

Lesbian Bed Death

My partner and I have been together for almost seven years. We have a 2 year-old child. Last year, she decided to have an affair. It took place over a span of six weeks, and went on with someone who was supposed to be our friend. It all happened right in front of my face. Even after I voiced my concerns, she told assured me nothing was happening between them. I was a fool. Now, eleven months later, I have completely lost interest in sex with my partner. I do have a sex drive, although my libido has always been kind of low....more

What it means to be a girl.

This is how I do girl:   an old navy cargo skirt ...more

How the MS Walk Changed My Life

I am SO proud of myself! This past Saturday I completed a three-mile charity walk. By appearances, I was walking for a cure for MS, but secretly, I was doing it just to see if I could, if I had the endurance to make it three miles.   I'm a fatty, you see; a big-legged woman, a plus-size gal, the "morbidly obese" American your doctor and all the magazines warn you about....more

What am I Doing to Shorten My Life?

I just saw this title on some other post.. "what are you doing to shorten your life?".... and it immediately made me think that I'm doing lots of things to shorten my life and probably not so many things to lengthen or even preserve my time here on earth.  Forget about junk food, forget about not exercising enough.... in the scheme of things, in my life, anyway, I think those are minor issues. I think my life is being shortened by the constant, cancerous ravaging that stress does to my guts. I'm always so worked up and on edge......more

Oh, I hear you. As someone who feels like her hair is greying today because I have an ...more

Butch dyke wrangles eyelash curler...and likes it?!

Butch. Dyke. Two in-your-face words that, since I've been out, I've been comfortable and happy using to describe myself.   "Butch" and "dyke" both say things about how people perceive themselves on the inside, but in the lesbian community there's a difference of opinon when it comes to deciding how much those terms say about defining a woman's outward appearance. To me, being a butch dyke means I can take care of myself. It means I feel strong and independent....more

Hi Nordette-
I'm glad you replied to my post. You say you wonder if you're naieve or have your ...more

The Women in My Family

I come from a family where the men are named Merle or Earle or Big Jim, and all the fathers and their sons wear brass belt buckles that say "SMITH" Every man has a pinch of skoal and a spit can nearby, and when he dies, they bury him with a fresh pouch.   In my family, the women know their place and how to stay there makebreadhavebabiesputsomeiceonit take care of your man. The women are all just called "Ma," and when they die, they are mourned....more

No title, really.

Everyone says I'm in my head too much--- that I'm always thinking, I'm too deep, that I need not to look so hard for the hidden meaning in everything. I wonder if people ever said that to Einstein? "Listen Al... I'm not sayin' it ain't a cool idea and everything, but GEEZ man... let it go, already... all you do is think, think, think... "   I've had all these big questions rolling around in my head lately. Like, I wonder if Christians, well, anyone really, but Christians because of what they believe about the end of the world and everything......more