Vegan Cocoa Brownies Recipe

Baking terrifies me. Maybe because so far I’ve only tried vegan baking and that has to be the hardest thing ever – no milk, eggs, chocolate – what is left? Especially if you are trying to do a brownie – the very epitome of a decadent chocolate treat ....more

Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Virtually everyone I know hates Brussels sprouts. They weren’t really available back when I was growing up in Bulgaria or my mom just didn’t buy them so my first taste of Brussels sprouts came in some shady Western restaurant and it was horrible. They were probably boiled or steamed, pale and bitter. So they didn’t make it into my shopping list for years and years ....more

Surely it’s not too late to re-cap Christmas, right?

I did the disappearance act again….I am sooo sorry ....more


I’ve been feeling very anxious lately – thoughts of impending doom and gloom strike me at all times of the day. It is irrational and unfounded and yet I can’t shake it off – sometimes life is just too much. I need a vacation badly but we have at least three weeks to go to Christmas when things will finally (and hopefully) slow down ....more


I’ve decided to buy an iPad, I think. When Apple came out with the iPad my first reaction was “Who would buy this thing?” I already had my iPhone and my Mac Book and this “tablet” fit somewhere straight in the middle – not a good phone and not a good laptop. What’s the point? ...more

Jump Jump Jump

  I did something really strange back in June which in my opinion proved without a doubt that I am impulsive, a little crazy and very very cool*. Bugi and I were sitting at home one bright Saturday morning in early June, having coffee and browsing mindlessly the internet. I was preoccupied in a quest to find a fun activity we could do to celebrate our birthdays in mid June. We had just gone canyoning and I had liked the ...more

Lentil Walnut Spread

  Some foods were just not made to be photographed. Why? Because they literally look like S@!& and every self respecting food blogger knows they should not post pictures of S@!& on their food blog.   Well, I think I have done enough damage to my reputation already so I am effectively free of society’s obligations. I can post whatever I want, whenever I want and nobody can tell me I have disappointed their expectations (and if you still had ...more


  ***   Понякога съм толкова щастлива, сънят ме гони до зори. Понякога съм лоша и проклета и без да искам нараних.   Понякога се чудя откъде ли се взеха тези дълги лоши дни, и лошото преследва ме на светло и няма смисъл, а боли.   Понякога се връщам уморена преследвала и хванала мечта. Но сутрин все се лутам и променям, раста, порастнах и пак не спя.   Настава утро и във мене онази другата мълви, че всичко лошо става ...more


  Романс Владимир Набоков Превел Николай Христозов   И достигнахме дивия пролетен бряг през мъглата на яростни клони. Върху мокрия пясък в мъчителен бяг някой нашите сенки подгони.   А пък ти ми говориш за минали дни, за загадъчни златни морета, за гори с кипарисови лунни вълни и за райски покой под небето.   И звездите звънят с твоя сребърен глас и с камбанки огласят простора. И блестят змиевидни мостове над нас ...more

German Update

I am studying German … again. I swear to you, this is karma.   ...more