Make The Right Choice

Make The Right Choice

How Quickly We Forget

Stronger than Ever! March 17, 2012Faith Food For Thought...more

Look For The Opportunity Despite The Opposition’s In Life You Face…..

www.tomekabyars.orgMarch 16, 2012Faith Food For Thought...more

Kelly's Testimonial


Hang In There!

www.tomekabyars.orgThis morning has been interesting.  During my own season of seeking clarity and guidance on what the lord requires of me to do next, a young lady came to me in order to seek the same attributes that I needed as well. Providing servant hood to others that are experiencing a difficult season is just what Dr. God has ordered. It not only brings forth healing in our own circumstances, but it brings forth confirmation that no matter what we are dealing with God is still present in our circumstances....more

Whitney Houston You Will Be Missed!

Christ Centered Coaching What does Life Recovery Coaching provide? How will it benefit me? How is it uniquely different from other coaching options available ? These are only a few of many questions that you may ask when looking for a certified life coach. There are many coaches that promise the achievement of goals in your life, but what if you can learn how to not only achieve goals in life, but learn how to be passionate about the goals that you are achieving. Christ centered coaching provides exactly that, as well as so much more....more