Rest in Peace

This is Samantha, Tommie’s daughter (otherwise known as DD on her blog posts). This is a post that I hoped would not have to be written for quite a while yet, but I’m sitting down today to share that my mom lost her battle with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis last night. I know that this will be a shock to many of her readers, because she was an avid blogger and very active on Facebook right up until the middle of last week ....more

Wishing My Life Away

It’s already going on 10 o’clock TT and I’m just now getting around to this. I’ve had my cough medicine and Cuz has put out my sleeping capsule. I’m on my second full 16 ozzies of water for the day plus I had 8 ozzies when Cuz helped me with my morning meds ....more

What? And Then There Was Another One

After a halfway decent night’s sleep, I was kind of in that in-between zone somewhere that was not quite asleep but not quite awake. The phone rang and, for a wonder, I heard it. It was 9:30 TT ....more

Tying Up Loose Ends

There’s one thing I failed to report from yesterday and it’s somewhat momentous. Every week, I’ve had a terrible time saving the Sabbath School discussion to listen to during the week. I like to have it on my computer so I can keep better track of where I left off ....more

Rise and Shine!

It was a hard night. I was coughing off and on for hours. I’d finally settled down and was peacefully sleeping when Cuz tapped on the door and came in ....more


I’m appreciating my purifier more and more. It’s surprising I need a fan now and then this far into fall but I do. The heat must be on (it’s 61 outside) and it makes it hard to breathe ....more

Tired? Uh-HUH!

It might have been the order I took it in or the fact that, previously, I was already sleep-deprived but I didn’t sleep as long a stretch as I did the other night. I did sleep, though. And I didn’t have to get up as often ....more


Talk about bliss! Last night, I took a pain pill an hour or so before I went to bed. I’d forgotten my doxepin so I had to crawl (reluctantly) out of bed and take that ....more

So, So Sleepy

I slept most of the night last night after the first hour or hour and a half. During that time, I was dozing and coughing and coughing and dozing. The nurse called not long after I got up and said she’d be stopping by ....more

One of Those “Bad Days”

Last night was not the best night I’ve had by a long shot. I thought, surely, after dozing and waking coughing, I’d go to sleep but it wasn’t to be. I’d gone to bed at 11:15 TT and I heard the clock strike 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, (I slept through 6), then I went to sleep after one of the numerous potty breaks and was contemplating getting up a little after 9 to take my morning meds when a light knock came at the door ....more