I Bit the Bullet

I called Publix. “Do you give senior discounts?” “Yes. Every Wednesday.” That settled it ....more


Yesterday, I was so psyched that the temp had gotten down to 67 degrees overnight. This morning, I pushed Min/Max again and the minimum was—67 degrees. I’d not been overjoyed when it didn’t show what time it was either the minimum or maximum ....more

Chillin’ Out

Last night was so nice! The low in my bedroom was 67 degrees. I’ve felt ever so much better today after a good night’s sleep ....more

Cooling Off

Not much but every degree helps to make a difference. It was 80 in my room when I went to bed last night and 77 when I got up. The coolness of my waterbed made it necessary to have one thin blanket on top of my Earthing Bag ....more

It’s Here.

We’ve been lucky much of the summer. Last year by this time, we’d had several days of 100+ degree weather. I shouldn’t complain but the last couple of nights have been miserable ....more

Peace and Quiet

This morning, I checked the thermometers and the displays for the sensors were blank. I held my breath and put the batteries back in and all was silent. Not a peep, except for the ones that let me know they’d connected ....more

Going Bonkers

Not having to get up often was a plus last night. I did have dry mouth which was surprising seeing my missed water was from yesterday morning. I’ll have my allotment when I go to bed, though, so I figure the path to the bathroom will be well trodden ....more

Am I a Carnivore?

Comparing the two sensors is interesting. The one that has lived on the end of the house for years registers anywhere from three to 13 degrees warmer than the one that’s sheltered from the sun. I knew it couldn’t be as hot as the thermometer said but there was no way to prove it until now—other than qualifying it with “in the sun” ....more

110 Years and One Day Ago…

I’d thought of my mother’s birthday more than once yesterday but when my fingers hit the keyboard, that was it. Current Events took over and anything resembling ancient history was out the window. Happy belated birthday, Mother! ...more

Verrrry In-ter-est-ink

This episode of credit card fraud has hit me harder than the last time (it could be because that was three weeks and five days before this one). Last night, I had a hard time going to sleep. I went to bed but was back up a half hour later ....more