Half a Century?

When did I get old enough to have a son who is 50? Oh, yes! That must’ve been yesterday ....more

50 Years Ago Tonight

I was nine months and 11 days pregnant. My doctor must not have believed in inducing labor because it was never mentioned. I doubt I would have gone for it, anyway ....more

Done and Done

Today has been unremarkable. I worked on the helps some more and got all of them ready to upload. Twinkle has been fed several times and the critters have been cared for ....more


Ever since I couldn’t get tomatoes at the produce place because it was closed, I’d been thinking about going to the one out here on the mountain. I still had four of the little tomatoes left that Cuz grew and one slice of the big tomato I’d bought a week and a half ago. Cuz texted me this morning that she’d be stopping by the house so I wouldn’t have to feed the critters today ....more

A Pet Peeve

Sometimes when I’m grocery shopping, I’ll pick up a promising avocado. The first thing I check is the stem. If it isn’t still there, the avocado goes back in the bin ....more

Sunday, Sunday

It was weird dream time last night. I don’t remember all of it but I was pregnant. I have no idea who the father was ....more


Yesterday, I was in the process of getting ready to go to town when the phone rang. I couldn’t get to it in time to answer it (the handset closest to me was dead) so I waited for the voice mail to come through. It was my niece ....more

Another Line on My Resume

Like I need it. I was ready to tear my hair out over the printer problem. I have four coupons worth $4 that may or may not work because the printhead was out of alignment and I couldn’t get it to cooperate ....more

My First Anniversary

A year ago right now, I was inhabiting Cuz’ couch. My CIL had it all ready when we got home from the hospital where I’d had gallbladder surgery. Everything is supposed to be healed now ....more


It’s been another hot one. The breeze from the fan helps but I’m dreading going to bed. Last night, I was up past midnight to give the bedroom time to cool off ....more