Just About Tired

Almost. I’m yawnin’ and a’gapin’. It will be bedtime soon ....more


It’s rumbled a few times and Weatherbug chirped a warning but we must be right on the edge. It doesn’t seem to have done much more than threaten. That’s fine ....more


First of all, yesterday wasn’t anything to write home about. The days sort of blend in together, anyway. At least that’s how it seems ....more


As it seems to happen, I hadn’t had breakfast when the phone rang announcing the next visit of the physical therapist. Today was my reevaluation. I didn’t even try to eat before she got here ....more

They’re Baaack!

Both the stench in the washer and the ants are back. Cuz says she’ll try something different. We’ll see what it is and if it works ....more

Paying for It

This morning, I had to go to the bathroom multiple times. Yesterday’s dairy was making itself known in a most graphic manner. Besides the backdoor trots, I had lower abdominal cramping and more gas than I care to remember ....more


It’s been a rainy day in my part of Tennessee. Cuz came over and brought in my latest case of Amy’s soup that replaces the case with the bent cans. My sister has been very generous and shared her tiny black ants with me ....more

It’s All Over

If you’ve checked, you’ve found that the winner of the ceramic knife set is Genese. There are no losers here, though. If you order from Abundant Chef by Friday, use the discount code “rawsome35″ ....more

Winding Down

A week or so ago, one of my friends shared a notice on Facebook. It was from the city saying that there were to be three, four hour long electrical outages area-wide. A long document, I chose not to read the whole thing but scanned enough of it to find they were in serious need of a proofreader ....more

An Intense Dislike

Roger hates the word “hate”. He believes the negativity affects the body, well, negatively. I can see his point so I’ll just say I have an intense dislike for having to live with Ralph 24/7 ....more