Last night was as usual. Coughing and dozing until the coughing tapered off and I was able to sleep. Temperature-wise, it was better ....more

Another Day But…

I’d better get this done and done quickly. Why? Well, last night, I was late getting the post done and published and, as the satellite service is wont to do, it made my website disappear just as I was clicking the “Publish” button ....more

Even More Decisions

Today has been rough. I coughed and coughed last night and what time I wasn’t coughing, I was having to get up and pee. It makes wearing adult diapers an attractive thing ....more

What Now?

Someone from hospice called Cuz yesterday. She wanted to come out today to evaluate me but Cuz told her to come tomorrow so she’ll be here sometime in the afternoon. Cuz called home health ....more

Spending Data

It’s been a quieter day than I expected. I’d thought the aide had said she’d be back today but I guess I was wrong. I thought I was once, but I was mistaken ....more

All Better Now

I keep forgetting to ask Cuz if she’s brought the other two handsets from the mountain. I hope so. I’d like to have one by/on the bed (I don’t know how it could be BY the bed) and one on the table by my chair ....more

Feeling Icky

I ate so much at supper that my stomach is uneasy so I’ll put off posting until tomorrow ....more

Post Town Hall/Debate

I watched the full “debate” and the analysis. Of course, the Hillary people said she won and the Donald people said he won. I maintain they both did ....more


Who knows how tonight will play out? I guess we’ll all have to just hide and watch. Or not watch ....more


All day yesterday (or, at least the part when I was out of bed), I felt completely washed out. It wasn’t until after a supper of spaghetti and french bread that I figured the reason out. Two days in a row, I’d eaten essentially nothing but starches and sugar ....more