A Different Kind of Cat

I woke this morning to a world of white. There wasn’t much of it but what there was did a good job of covering most things. It stopped for a little while, then started coming down pretty heavily along about sundown ....more

Another Winter Event

It was late when I took my bath last night but it surely helped me sleep. There is no way I’m going to bed cold between soaks in the tub and the heated blanket Cuz gave me for Christmas. It’s much more pleasant when I can go to bed with warm feet than with cold ones ....more

The Debate, The Birthday and Super Bowl Sunday

I know not if my sisters watched the debate last night. If they didn’t, they missed it and I don’t know that I can do it justice. To begin with, Carson didn’t hear his name called so he stood aside while almost everyone else filed onto the stage ....more

And Then There Was Another One

Yesterday was a different kind of Friday. I’d done personal laundry on Thursday but I still had to strip the bed, wash the sheets and pillowcase and put them back on. Cuz thought I should get another set of sheets but it’s easier to do it this way and I don’t have to fold and put away ....more

And Now, A Debate!

It’s been a long day and it isn’t over yet. I’ve pledged to myself to watch all of the debates and town halls (I think I missed a GOP TH, though). I’m doing it a lot in memory of my mother ....more

Yet Another Town Hall

Last night was rainy and windy. So much so that the church side of the mountain and the valley had downed trees and other damage. Early this afternoon, the doorbell rang ....more

On to New Hampshire

Last night was another late one. I stayed up to watch the numbers rise and fall. Early on, it became apparent that the Donald wasn’t faring that well in Iowa ....more

A-Caucusing We’ll Go!

Well, not here but in Iowa. The crowds are turning out for a rousing night of caucusing. I’ve never paid this much attention to an election cycle before but this is nothing like it has been in years past ....more

It’s Official

Last night, I said Bernie hadn’t committed himself to the February 4 debate and that the DNC hadn’t sanctioned it. Well, both have come to pass. Bernie will be there and the DNC has put its seal of approval on it ....more


Thursday had been a full day. I’d had a rough night before and then the trip to see the surgeon. I was bushed but I was determined to watch the debate ....more