Sunday, Sunday

Today has been a wet and dreary day. Rain was hitting the vent in the bathroom every time I went in there. I haven’t heard it on the roof ....more


There was a little tin of pâté in the fridge that was down to about a third of the original contents. I ate it while I was waiting for my leftovers to heat up and it took the edge off my appetite. What I didn’t finish went back to wait for another time ....more

Thanksgiving Day 2015

I was awake earlier than usual. Maybe I figured I needed to get the turkey in the oven so it would be done by mealtime — NOT! It was in my mind to get up, take my morning meds and go back to bed but that didn’t happen, either ....more

Thanksgiving Eve 2015

There was no blog post last night because there was no Internet access. Yesterday morning, it went down. It’s done it before and come back up in a minute or two so I wasn’t concerned ....more

A Day and a Half

Bedtime was before 11 last night. I knew I had to be up and getting ready to go in time to gas up the car before I headed for my appointment in Chattanooga. This time was the rheumatologist ....more

Dry as Dust

Remember the commercial, “Like sending your sinuses to Arizona”? That could be my house today. I’d turned the pot of water down so it would steam but not boil away ....more


My energy level is is almost in the negative column. I’ve had to poke and prod myself to do just about anything. Yesterday was the usual Friday stuff ....more

The “S” Word

Before 6, I woke up. I lay in bed and tried to go back to sleep but sleep wouldn’t come. I crawled out over an hour later ....more

Washing Away

It isn’t always that my theories don’t pan out but mine didn’t last night. I think the bath warmed me up too much and I didn’t sleep well because of it. I’ll have to be careful after this and take a hot soak ONLY if it’s very cool where I’m sleeping ....more

Striking Out

Yesterday, Cuz told me to “sleep on” the formatting problem and maybe a solution would come to me in my sleep. Guess what? It didn’t ....more