A Super Busy Day

It’s been a busy day and it’s been a super day. It can be read as one or the other or both. I’m tired ....more

Well Blessed

After a night of a lot of unproductive coughing and about to freeze my butt off, I got up to get my water and take my morning meds. I was the only one not up and I told DD I still wasn’t. I’d dreamed off and on during the night that the comforter had, somehow, magically transferred itself from the chair to the bed but when I’d open my eyes to look, it hadn’t ....more

So Thankful

Yesterday started with me fending for myself at breakfast and I was so tired after, I sat down and dropped off to sleep. It won’t be too soon when the time will come that I can do that and have energy left over. Cuz will probably feel bad that I did that but I don’t expect them to be at my beck and call for everything ....more

Threading the Needle

When I was moved in the third bedroom of the house, the doorway from the hall was completely filled by the door. There was no way to close it without cutting off my oxygen supply and that wouldn’t be good. I found that I could go out the door, into the bathroom and then into the bedroom from the bath and I was okay ....more

Life in the Slow Lane

This %@#$@*! Internet has been so slow today, if I were up to it, I’d be pulling out what little hair I have. Tomorrow is what I’m looking forward to ....more

Missing Me

Yesterday, when Cuz was loading up more things at the house, the UPS man brought a package. He was sorry to hear I’d moved. He told her he’d miss the Christmas candy ....more


This is going to be quite short. I’m on an achingly slow Internet connection (Verizon hotspot) with a minuscule data cap of 8 GB. Since I used 138 GB last month on U-verse, 8 GB could be gone in a heartbeat ....more

Sixth and Seventh Days

I don’t feel good any more but I feel extra bad tonight so I won’t be blogging. It was a relief to see that someone had linked the Bible texts in less09. The lesson needs more polishing but it can stay the way it is for now ....more

And on the Fifth Day

Taking the doxepin in conjunction with the cough med helped. I slept better and woke, while not refreshed, feeling like I might live. Cuz came out and took care of some things (including me) ....more

And on the Fourth Day

My days and nights have been getting increasingly rough. I get weaker and weaker and less able to take care of myself. The nurse was appalled that I had taken a shower while I was here alone and my sat was in the low 70s when I got out ....more