Is Wordpress Scaring Your Commenters Away?

About a week ago, Stumbling Gracefully texted me to ask if I was getting like, a LOT of emails from Wordpress. I checked my inbox, and sure enough I was. When I looked at the emails, I realized that I was seeing every single response to any Wordpress post I had commented on. Previously, I had to subscribe to a commenting thread to see any response made after mine. But now it seemed Wordpress was automatically checking the box “Notify me of follow-up emails” each time I commented. The result? 113 emails in the last five days informing me of "new comments!" ...more
Hi, can you tell me if you are using or I'm using and ...more

What to Do When Your Blog is Removed

I knew that my blog was important to me. I knew that it was responsible for finding good friends, connecting with others in the Adoption/Loss/Infertility community and really coming to terms with my own experience with infertility and loss. Yesterday I realized my blog is almost a physical part of me. And when it was taken away, I ached. I was numb. I was in shock. I couldn’t sleep. ...more
I have my own domain so the only terms of service I can violate are my own. At one time, I had ...more

The Rashomon Effect and the Ill-Fated Blogger Sleepover

I have always been fascinated by the idea of a one-time event told from more than one point of view. I always try so hard to put myself in others’ shoes. And often fail. But my experiences with infertility and loss taught me many things and one of them is: you never understand what someone is going through until you are truly in their head. And no one can ever be in anyone’s head unless a blogger or writer is willing to be bold enough to put you there. ...more
@jenmcmillin Ah, MILs. They definitely have their own version of the story, too ;) I really like ...more