Gift Ideas When Attending A Party

Is your social calendar filled with holiday parties this season?  Between work, friends and family celebrations there is a lot of fun to be had this month.  How can you thank all of the different hosts of without going into the poor house with thank you gifts?  We have a list of inexpensive options for you to bring to the hosts of your events that will come across as thoughtful and appreciated....more

Minimalist Style Trending

Fashion has so many types of genres and one of the genres we are seeing more often is the minimalist style. This style focuses on how simple items make a strongerstatement. Minimalists believe if you have on only a couple of items then your outfit is not as distracting.Minimalist fashion usually includes solid colors and limited items of accessories. A fashion designer who is well-known for this type of style is Calvin Klein. We have gathered some images to give you a sense of what minimalist style is and how you can incorporate it into your own wardrobe. ...more

T2B's Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Single

Most people crave love, to experience the indescribable joy and fulfillment that loving someone and being loved can bring to your life.  At The One Consulting, we meet many attractive, fun and interesting single people who are looking for love, and yet they have not been able to sustain a long term relationship.  Why is it that, in this day of online dating, social media and all of the other ways that individuals connect why are so many quality people single? Here are 5 reasons why you are single:...more

Being Grateful

Creating a sense of gratitude might be the most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself.  We can call on gratitude at the most inopportune times.  When things are not going as well as expected, gratitude can turn things around.  When your perspective needs to be checked, take inventory and surprisingly you might find things on your list you have forgotten about.  It becomes about what you have, not what you do not have…   So, what can gratitude do for you?...more

5 Tips For Managing the Thanksgiving Festivities

It’s tough to stay on track during the Thanksgiving holiday which, for most of us, starts sometime Wednesday afternoon and doesn’t end until Sunday night.  While most of us love the family and relaxing time we don’t love how we feel after the weekend is over. Here are some ideas to help you manage your holiday indulgences: 1. Take a power walk every day. Optimally, do it with some friends and/or family members so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the social aspect of the holiday weekend....more

When Playing Hard To Get, Are You Really Playing Yourself?

We’ve all heard it before, you have to play hard to get to get the guy/girl. So what does hard to get really mean? Do you act like you don’t care what the other person is doing? Should you be somewhat cold? Not care if they are dating other people? We say hell no! Stand up and care. You have one life and make sure that the person you like knows it. Sure, you don’t want to smother someone but if you are interested in them, then make sure you show them that you care. Honestly, if you are always “too busy” or “too cool” to spend time with them, then they will eventually move on....more

The Affect of a Lie

Imagine the disappointment you feel when you learn someone important in your life is lying to you.  Is it really worth it?  Why do people lie?  10 reasons why people lie:...more

Host a Delicious Party- Even If You Can't Cook

Is it your turn to host a girl’s night, book club, Sunday Funday or crazy house party?  Are you intimidated to do so because you may not be a whiz in the kitchen OR just don’t have the time to figure out a menu and make everything?  Don’t fret, even the most timid and busy chefs can impress their guests with delicious and tasty fare. ...more

Trendy Hairy Styles 2014

Men get the short end of the stick when it comes to hairstyles. Women’s hairstyles are much more versatile and new ideas just seem to keep appearing. We previously did a blog on past hairstyles, but this year we are adding the the more popular trends we’ve seen. Think about your hair as an accessory to your wardrobe. Think about the outfit you are going to wear and how it can accent it. You can make a simple dress look edgier simply by creating a bold hairstyle....more

Shrimp Scampi

Since low carb at night is the way to go, we are giving Paleo a try. The concept is organic, free range protein and no grains or dairy. Honestly these recipes just look good and you can eat more without the guilt. We must give Whole Foods a shout out for peeling and de-veining two pounds of shrimp on the spot. Very nice of them and time saving for us. This recipe, for shrimp scampi, was retrieved from the Paleo cook book, Well Fed 2. Two ingredients that stood out when looking through this cookbook: Ghee and Coconut Aminos. They sounded like elements from the scientific table....more