Why my husband answers the phone- how we deal in a disabilty household.

 I’ve mentioned before  that my husband has aspergers (ok so it was a whole post) it was a bit of a rant post and I thought I’d try something a little more positive now I’m in a better place. There are three of us (nearly) four in my household. Two out of three have a disability. My husband has aspergers and he is high functioning due to a lot of work that he puts into himself to hide it. I have emotionally unstable personality disorder (formally borderline personality disorder) with ocd tendency’s and PTSD. My daughter is so far ‘normal’....more

for want of a baby shower.

i want a baby shower.desperatly. i'm ready to beg on my knee's here. i would throw one for myself....but i have no one to invite....more

indirect critisism- how i became silent for a month.

Since my last post I have been very quiet. I have commented only hesitantly where before I did so freely and without fear. I have been learning to deal with criticism....more
 @victorias_view thanks.. the hard part was i got to trying to work out what was wrong with it...more

breast vs bottle welcome to the mother guilt party

mother guilt is one of those things that all of us mum's have hidden in the back of the metaphorical sock drawer. every so often i like to pick a topic and mull it over. recently i have seen post after post after comment after conversation about one of the biggest debates. also one of the apparent biggest causes of mummy guilt there is.the bottle vs breast war.  I've decided its about time i weighed in....more
@BlogHerMoms Do you read the posts you tweet?more

I'm Young & Pregnant, But I'm Certainly Not Stupid

Pregnant. In my community this is one of the most heavily loaded words in the collective vocabulary -- especially at my age. Anytime I announce the fact or I feel sets of eyes on my (rather obvious) belly, I brace myself for the reaction. And to be honest, most of the time it's not even to my face. I don't have a problem with the belly touching or the unwanted advice. Instead for me it's the rumors and discrimination -- or even the attempted forced inclusion. I had my first daughter at 19. She was not a mistake, an accident or "unplanned." ...more
I love your attitude! I am 20 and I just found out I am pregnant. I want to be so excited ...more

my husband has aspergers, but today he's being a jerk

my husband has aspergers, but today he's just being a jerk....more

five things that threaten my sanity

sanity and i have never been close friends. i have spent the past 20 years afraid of one thing or another. 20 years of explanations and excuses. of strange looks and cold shouders.twenty years of strength, faith and hope.  and twenty years seeing the dark side and realising how funny it is. just recently i had a physch appointment and as i (once again) revealed the dark and twisting story of my life i had a thought. these are not the things that threaten my sanity....more