Hoppy Easter

Hadley's Easter involved a trip to Lowe's with Dad, lunch with Grandmom and the rest of the day spent watching the Masters. My Easter was a tad more traditional- Mom and I went to church at Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria. I realized in the drive to church that I have officially become one of those people who goes to church on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday (aka 'Chreasters' or 'C&E's') and sometimes I have been known to go on Mother's Day. It has not always been this way- ...more

25 things about pregnancy

There is this phenomenon on Facebook right now about writing out a list of 25 random facts about yourself. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you can see my list. I am fairly sure Kerry has not written a list. Recently, I started a random list of 25 things about pregnancy. So here you go and I hope you enjoy (and I hope it does not scare anyone who is contemplating pregnancy). ...more

i'm right there with you on the fruit cravings. i ate a clementine while reading this.  ...more