A Birthday Cake, 2 liters of water and 5000 mg of sodium

So I blogged on Monday the 19th, thinking that I would begin finding time to blog more daily again.....and then (insert laughter here) life went back to busy....more

Happy Monday!

I love Mondays. ...more

January Happenings....

Big time happening - the oldest begins his Ferris State University education today....more

happy 2015

Christmas was wonderful....more

An Evening in Rochester


It's almost time....

....and I'm not ready....more

double trouble

A rundown of the weekend.... Wendy dog sat Rocket dealt with a lot of frustrations The house was trippin' more than usual Greg worked Mark and I went to the Merry Tuba Christmas concert Mark and Brian and I went to the Howell Recreation Christmas event I have pictures from both, but I'm still learning my new computer and new photo program I'm tempted to go back to the old computer and old program My mom made it to town....more

program discussion

We barely made it to Sunday School this morning as we have one who woke up barely able move her neck. I made an afternoon chiropractic appointment, massaged her with oils, and insisted she at least try and make it through Sunday School so they could get their songs and pieces for the Sunday School program....more

On the 4th day of December.....

One young Tormanen was only slightly less miserable than the other at being dragged to their sister's choir performance at the book store. That we didn't eat before we went and it started 45 minutes late due to the choir director getting a flat tire, well - that didn't help....more

Well. I thought it was funny.

Time: 9:30 amScene: At home - me in the kitchen, Allan, our 19 year old, in the Lazyboy...more