The Paradox of the Outspoken Woman & Why She Bothers Men

I am an outspoken woman. I'm outspoken in real life, and I'm outspoken on the Internet. I don't shy away from a debate. I have Opinions, big ones, on anything from TV shows to social justice. I like discussions, and I am happy to sit down and go through a subject with a fine-tooth comb to pick out nuances and discuss them with like-minded folks. For me, the Internet has been great for allowing me to find and learn from all kinds of people. But there's another side to it....more
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Let's Uphold Freedom of the Press for Charlie Hebdo

When I was in journalism school, I had a professor who told us that whatever we did as journalists, we always had to be honest and play by our profession’s ethics. But more importantly, he told us, we had to play by our own personal ethics. The media has the power to make or break someone’s career. Words written in the media, much like words written on the Internet, last forever. Whatever we did, we needed to act with integrity....more

I Hope the World Will Join Me in My Resolution for 2015: Do Better

Every year, it seems like the months go faster and faster. I don’t know if that’s just because every year, I’m a little older, or if it’s because time really does move faster. Either way, I’m glad, from a social justice perspective, that 2014 is finished....more
Do better.  I say this a lot because we all fall short at some time or another.  However, as you ...more

Ending Misogynistic Killing Forever: The Legacy of the Montreal Massacre

Feminists are so often accused of being sexist, as if fighting for our rights and safety is somehow taking something away from men. And a good amount of the time in 2014, it’s fairly easy to ignore statements that insist that we’re somehow being “misandrist” towards men by talking about issues that affect us daily. But when another woman is killed by a man, the conversation turns from being annoying to being necessary....more

The Insidious Culture of Othering: Neurodiversity and Stigma

Facebook can be an interesting place, not just for the amount of information and stories shared, but also for the drama. A friend of mine posted today about getting a puppy for her family – she was going to go and look at a dog to see if it would fit in with her family. While most were supportive, one commenter decided to take my friend to task, accusing her of “not thinking this decision through” and insinuating that her first-graders, one of whom has pretty severe anxiety, would somehow fight over the puppy and hurt it, or even kill it....more

Forget the Spoons: Powering Through Chronic Illness

I know. This sounds like one of those posts that tells people that their chronic illness is “all in their head”, or can be pushed through, or other nonsense. I promise, though, it’s not....more

Our Veterans Fought For Our Right To Fight Injustice and Be Free

When I think of Remembrance Day, I think of my grandfather, Myles. Myles, who is 88 years old, served for Canada and the U.S. during the Second World War, like many other men and women who were his contemporaries. My other grandfather, William, who passed away in his early 60s, also served in the Merchant Navy in Britain, fighting alongside the Royal Navy and Airforce. And while war seems like a lifetime ago, the fact of the matter is, I have a veteran younger than I am in my family. War is a constant – but the sacrifices that these men and women made live on....more

Jian Ghomeshi Is Fired Because He Says A Woman Lied About Him: An Example of Rape Culture?

Canadian radio generally isn’t a big thing in other parts of the world, but here in Toronto, former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is kind of a big deal. He’s well known and well liked, for his views, for his interviews, and for his personality. Today, a decision came down from CBC firing Ghomeshi after he had tweeted that he was going to take some personal time off. The decision appeared to come out of nowhere, and I for one was a bit shocked....more
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There Is No Moral Value On Food

Usually, when I see posts about food on Facebook or on Twitter, I tend to scroll right past them. I have a precarious relationship with food and a lot of what I read can bring up feelings of needing to control and monitor every bit of food I put into my mouth. It can make me feel inadequate, sad, and not good enough. But sometimes I can’t ignore the constant click-bait articles, scare-videos, and alarmist comments that some of my friends post on their social media accounts....more

When We Talk About Rape Culture

When we talk about rape culture, we are talking about the pervasive belief that women deserve to be raped by simply existing in the world. Find that too strong of a definition?...more, I believe you've hit the nail right on the head with ...more