never been hipper ya'll

as you know from previous posts (and general ramblings and mentions) the ‘new car’ thought is never far from my mind. and i’ve even toyed, semi seriously, about a mini-van. anyone who has one tells you it’s the best thing they ever did. mainly because it’s true, but partially because they’re wondering what happened to that flirty twenty something now wearing a turtleneck, covered in juicey juice and goldfish crumbs driving an egg on wheels. come on, you know i’m right....more

{guest blog} how YOU can fabulously photograph your kids.

i am SO CRAZILY excited to share with you that to the moon n back has it’s first guest blog! in the fall i packed the kids up for what should have been an hour and a half trek to south western new hampshire. to get photographed by a super duper talented photographer, kate preftakes. road closures, traffic jams and three + hours later we arrived. saturated in gold fish crumbs, juicy juice and puffy non-napped eyes....more

the shimmering light.

blogs have been coming a little less often lately. for many reasons, i’m know. so when in the midst of a basket of laundry folding i started typing in my head – the words rolling out faster than i could remember and store, i abandoned ship. or basket. i often find myself coming back to this quote – which i found via my cousin emily – because of it’s empowerment, it’s sureness, it’s reminder to live fully here and now. no matter what....more

imperfectly perfect

it’s truly unbelievable how a house with two small children, one mom trying to work from home, keep the number of toys on the floor at or below 1,000, the dishwasher loaded, the kitchen counters crumb-free – ok, i think you get it – can go from good, to manageable, to totally and utterly out of control. take  monday morning for example. i am on the phone with someone from our corporate office going through a cash flow statement. no biggie....more

happy, healthy, go for it, 2010

i've never been a gym rat. not even sure what that is, actually. someone who wears spandex, wrist bands and the newest nike shox; carries diseases, has a long tail and likes to bench press? i dunno. but i do know that i like to sweat. to feel the music coursing through my body; pushing me on. sometimes i pretend i'm in a movie and the music is my theme song (did i really just admit that?). then reality hits and i realize i'm at cardio express in suburban connecticut. one of 23 people on the elliptical machine hooked up to their ipod while watching hgtv on the tv monitor. sigh. ...more

humor me

today is thursday, july 30th. my second child will be arriving on september 8th, that’s in 40 days. i’m truly praying that s/he doesn’t get the i-wanna-come-out-sooner itch because i/we/our house is SO not ready.  i’ve been really trying to remain calm. to not badger justin about the thousands of things we need to get done because although he won’t outwardly appear to be panicking, he will be. his anxiety will come out the way it always does; in his sleep. unlike me, he’ll slip into bed, put his head on the pillow and be fast asleep within 4.3 seconds. ...more

pale 'o piss

we have acquired (on loan) a commode. it has been an endless source of humor, giggles, and you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me moments in the blood household. and it dawned on me, while writing about pregnancy woes in my last blog, that keeping these commode stories for us and us alone would be almost criminal.   ...more

Don't ask me how I know this but, if you put a wee bit of water in the bottom of the metal ...more

on the wagon. bandwagon that is.

lately i’ve been hearing lots of gab, good and not-so good, about mom-blogs (forums, etc.) which of course is going to happen since everyone and their granny seem to be blog-oholics these days.  i have listened kinda half heartedly to these  friends, other mom-blogs, online discussions and tv coverage but keep coming back to it, unable to just let it go. ...more