Thanksgiving Pin Roundup

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am that this week is Thanksgiving! I love the holidays, and I especially love Thanksgiving because it really kicks off the season of time with family, amazingly good bad-for-you food, and that general cozy fall feeling. One of my favorite things to do on weekend mornings is make a cup of coffee, climb back in bed, and browse Pinterest … while I try not to think about my kids completely destroying the living room ....more

Conversation Snipits From My Head

I have so many things I want to write about, but lately, no drive to actually open up my laptop and actually type out the words. Each topic seems daunting, and overwhelming, and scary to share here. Once I write something down, it seems more … real ....more

Xanex and Vodka

Sometime in the past year, I’ve become one of “those parents” at my kid’s sporting events. No, I’m not shouting obscenities at the umpires. No, I’m not yelling at other kids when they mess up ....more

Gold & White Desk Makeover

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed (which you totally should), you’ve no doubt heard the news that my company has recently moved offices. Not only did we move offices, but we moved to the 12th floor, purchased all new furniture, we totally upgraded everything and built this space from scratch just for us. As a military brat, moving means one thing – a fresh start ....more

I would rather have HER represent me, thanks

Have you guys seen the AWFUL news story going around about the Seattle real estate firm who apparently thinks their penises make them the more “professional” choice when it comes to selling houses? Yeah, I just typed that. This flier they put out is apparently their awesome attempt at marketing their so-called super profesh ....more

Thoughts I’ve Had on the First Week of School

We’re one week into the first year of both the boys being in school, and even though they came through unscathed I’m feeling like I made it through the first round of basic training. Between school starting, the fall baseball season starting, craziness at work (we’re moving offices), and additional family outings? I’m spent ....more

Learning Jedi Engineering Skills with Play-Well!

If there are two things I have become immersed in since I became a “boymom” they’re Star Wars and LEGOs. That’s not to say that ONLY boymoms deal with those two obsessions, but they seem to be rampart in my house. The boys spend more time building racing speeders and rebel camps with LEGOs than they do anything else, and the amount of Star Wars-related LEGO sets, mini-figures, and books we have could fill a small museum ....more

Top Ten Reasons to Vacation at Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re aware that my family loves them a good waterpark. We have season passes to a smaller, local park here in the DFW area, and I’m pretty sure that we got our monies worth within the first two weeks of summer break – but if you live anywhere near the vicinity of Texas, there’s really only one waterpark to visit … Schlitterbahn. Here’s a look inside our 2 night stay and vacation at Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels – and the top ten reasons you should go too! 1 ....more

Growing Up & Out of the Sweet Spot

Every morning the Husband and I listen to the local news as we get ready for work. Yesterday, as I stood in our closet, trying to decide what to wear, a news story came on about a Santa Claus convention happening this week in Denmark. As I looked up at the screen, plastered with 1000 “Santas”, all partying in the street, I immediately looked to my bedroom door to make sure it was shut – so that my kids wouldn’t see ....more

A letter to our housekeeper

Dear Sarah, Welcome to our home. THANK YOU for being here. It needs you ....more