Notes from the Colorado Flood

As most of you know, Colorado was hit by massive flash flooding a little over a week ago, wrecking havoc across the state. Ken and I were lucky, with only a few inches of flooding in the basement. I wish I could say that was the case for many others. ...more

Enough of the Fighting, Already!

As a former revolutionary freedom fighter (ha! in my mind, maybe) I can be way rougher on my husband than I need to be. Or at least way rougher than some of my friends....more
1. Has fighting helped you feel closer to your spouse? ONLY, if that really led us to figure out ...more

How Resentment Kills a Marriage

The more I talk about my Reboot This Marriage blog with strangers, the more people open up to me with stories about their own marriages. Like the woman who told me this: "I got divorced when my youngest child was ten. But my divorce didn't have anything to do with what was going on then--it had everything to do with all the stuff that had been building up for years. When the kids are young, there's just no time to talk about everything that's going on. But that doesn't mean it goes away. It's still there, and if you don't address it, it eventually destroys your marriage." ...more

How to Get Out of Jail Free

So here’s the super-duper Get Out of Jail Free Card my therapist friend Scarlet gave me after I’d moaned and groaned my way through dinner, telling her how I completely lost my mind the other day. It's a super-neat trick that's already saved my ass on more than one occasion, and I hope it saves yours, too. (Unfortunately for Scarlet, I happened to be wired on this particular evening. Below is a partial transcript, so you can listen in.) ...more

I Laughed Until I Cried (or That's Why So Many People Get Divorced During a Remodel)

A few days ago, Ken and I spent three hours trying to find a replacement countertop for the one that Home Depot messed up, and man alive, I'm not quite sure how I survived. I was ready to pass out after the first place, and by the time we hit the second store, I nearly laid down on the floor and went to sleep, never to awake again. We had to stop for an emergency coffee before we attempted the third store, and wow, am I glad I held in there because the third was by far and away the highlight of our morning. ...more
I always feel like I am stepping into an episode of "The Office" when I visit Home Depot. Cause ...more

8 Steps to Get Your Life Back

Lately, I've noticed that a lot of my mama friends are exhausted and grumpy--what a surprise! And if you're an older mom, like me, I'm guessing you're feeling this pain more than most. Luckily, I'm here to tell you what to do about it! (Duhn-da-duhn! Cue superhero power music) Kinda, sorta. At the very least, I'm going to share a few tips that I've learned while tearing out my hair this past year. ...more

How About a Little Compassion This Thanksgiving?

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. -- Dalai Lama ...more

Why I Took My Wedding Gown for a Night Out On The Town

First, gather up a few of your closest buddies. Insist they don their wedding dresses (or anything else white and frilly) for a night out on the town. Next, ask the menfolk to get all gussied up as well. ...more

Hanging On For Dear Life

After we'd cleared out all that old crap at our garage sale last weekend (which I'll write about once I've recovered), I was hoping that some new energy (money, say, or large gifts) would flow our way. What I got instead was another fight! Or The Same Old Fight! The details of which I will post when we’re dead and gone and all identifying details have been changed. For now, just let me say that maybe all that clutter was serving a purpose after all. By spending all that time focusing on all our clutter, apparently we didn't have to deal with some of the stuff going on beneath it. ...more

How My Week of Extreme Self Care Turned into The One Day Escape Hatch

I ran into my neighbor yesterday, one of those wonderful folks who helped me out a few weeks ago, when I hit the wall. And then bounced off. Before being run over by a truck. You get the picture. Anyway, seeing her reminded me of a promise I’d made to myself during that crazy time: I was going to take a week and take care of myself. That’s right, one whole week. ...more