TIFFin Around Time

What do you get at the House of Provocation. Toronto revealed! Through my eyes on the stars. On-screen or in front of me? No one knows yet. ...more

Fighting Souljer

Into a dark space, falls the light of truth.As one leaves, another enters with the vigor that the first, the second and the third lacked.A smile tosses and turns, before settling into a position that realizes that life must go on. Through the withered leaves that collect at your feet, above the clouds that hide the flashes of lightning that may strike at any given time. I would rather be lonely than sad. ...more

Half a Century of a True Icon: Madonna


A Life in Wax

The Beginning of the End:Another night alone in my bed. The thought of the way I had you beside me puts a shiver in my head.Some days I am fine, some days I am weak. But not a day goes by when I do not submit to the way you made me feel.Distances have abridged miles between us, emptiness seems to be the only sound that echoes between our two figures. The silence between us still seems so loud to me.How come when I think of you, no matter how cruel you treated me, it never mends my broken heart? The End of the Beginning: ...more

Figlio Perduto

We all live only to die.But life is too short to waste a day crumbling with worries about feeling like death.Today I heard the news of a young boy who has lost his mother. She is gone. ...more

Ever Wonder? Bog Bodies

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Banshee Crab/ Moon, Silver, Cardinal, Water

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