Emerging Women Cracked My Heart Wide Open

A portal in the Universe split open and the Divine Feminine descended on some of the most powerful women on the planet at the Emerging Women Conference in Boulder this weekend. We invited the Sacred Mother in, ideas bounced around the room looking for their mother and we got way more vulnerable than we […] No related posts ....more

13 Weeks to Get it Done in 2013!

To Do List Write Year of Yes! Rebrand Logo Website Write Newsletter Create Soft Letter List Send Soft Letters Write ebook Invent New Business Model Create Packages and Programs Write online eCourse Re-SEO all 970+ blogs Re-categorize all 970+ blogs This has been my To-Do list for every month in 2013. I get up every […] No related posts ....more

BadAss Business in 3 Months

BadAss Business 3 Months of Magic Law of Attraction Intensified Coaching: Three one-hour customized individual coaching sessions per month, a total of nine sessions. Working with a coach magnifies power and speeds results exponentially. VIP Make-Over: We will take one area of your business and give it an overhaul ....more

Heart-Powered Marketing Package

Heart-Powered Marketing Package Get a sense of power resulting from your new-found Marketing Savvy. ...more

From Heaven: Gold Clutch and $2 Million

Realm Hopping I took manifesting to a new level last week. I brought a gold clutch back from Heaven. Seriously ....more

How to be a BadAss!

I’m fierce in my contact kickboxing class and I’m a CrossFit BadAss! I’m pretty damned bendy from yoga too. I’m not just bragging ....more

6 BadAss Months Law of Attraction Package

You’re Powered NOW...more

Mother Nature Has Her Way With Colorado

Via Twitter Feed: ‏@adater Think Colorado floods aren’t serous? Check this pic out (by Denver Post’s Helen Richardson): pic.twitter.com/dgIlhVDWT0 Mother Nature is having her way with Colorado. Last year it was baptism by Fire ....more

Good Mama & Purple Hair on Today Show

Ainsley’s purple and blue hair were featured on the...more

Law of Attraction is Propelled by Emotions: Pull Yourself Out of a Funk

Law of Attraction is propelled by your emotions, which means your emotional state is crucial. Law of Attraction would be a simple matter of...more