Grain Free, Gluten Free Banana Breakfast Muffins

Because I didn't really do anything earth-shattering in the exercise category  today, I wanted to try to whip up something healthy. I try to steer clear of grains as much as possible and wanted to create something that would be a good go-to for breakfast. It's not uncommon for people to default to refined carbs like toast, bagels, or sugary cereals for their morning meal. These muffins might be a good alternative for people who are looking for a higher protein or gluten free breakfast. Check out the recipe below....more

4 Tips to Stop Sugary Food Cravings

Every now and then we all get a hankering for something we just have to eat. Like an itch you have to scratch, if you don’t have just a little bite of something, the urge will always be there....more

The 40-Day Shape Up! Weight Loss + Exercise = Change!

Do you have a diet or fitness goal, but can't seem to reach it? Now's your chance with the 40-Day Shape Up! This weight loss and exercise program runs May 1st through June 9th. Sign up by April 27th - and you're in! It's that simple.State Your Goal, and GO!...more

5 Big Weight Loss Obstacles

You're working your tail off, but can't seem to shake the weight? Maybe one of these five reasons is why....more

Become an Athlete in Five Simple Steps

My livelihood is health and fitness…something Inever would have guessed I’d be doing during my college years. I don’t really write about this very often, but I was born without hip sockets. I think that’s the first time I’ve written those words…and it just doesn’t look appealing. There is no other way to write it, so I’ll keep it there....more

Belly-Lovin’ Homemade Yogurt

Everyone in my family likes yogurt. I usually buy plain organic – and we all spice it up in our own way. For instance, I usually add cinnamon and blueberries to mine....more

Three Ways to Push Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Everyone has a healthy weight range. Sometimes we fluctuate within a few pounds of what we deem as our  "fighting weight." If a mysterious two or three pounds seems to appear on the scale just as quickly as it disappears, it can probably be attributed to fluid retention....more

Can Apples Really Pack on the Pounds?

Could you ever imagine eating a healthy, balanced diet that is entirely void of fruit? Sounds almost counter intuitive, doesn't it? After all, fruit contains vital minerals and nutrients that our body needs. Last week, a friend mentioned that someone had told him the apples he regularly ate throughout the day will do nothing but get stored as fat in his stomach....more

Popcorn: As Healthy as Wine and Chocolate!

Popcorn. Who knew it could be so darn healthy? I’ve always loved popcorn, but now I can eat it as afunctional food! Yes!  This whole grain sensation is making as big of a splash as chocolate and red wine did when we learned about their health properties, too. The one thing wine, chocolate and now popcorn have in common is polyphenols....more

Cardio for Weight Loss: Does it work?

Cardiovascular exercise is important. Period. It helps to:...more
Love it! Thanks for sharing :).  I am the same way.  I like to incorporate cardio and strength ...more