The Many Stages Of My Relationship With NaBloPoMo

Oh NaBloPoMo,To you I could write a haiku, except I can't decide if NaBloPoMo is four syllables, three, one, or two.***************Oh NaBloPoMo,I love you so much. I am now writing more than ever! You are the best.***************Oh NaBloPoMo,Today was a good day. I sat down and wrote three posts all at once. You really are my friend. I should do this every month.***************Oh NaBloPoMo,We are half-way through. I think I am going to make it, how about you?...more
Totally true about the 11:59pm post but everything counts right ? I adore this haikumore

The Boldness Of Blogging

When I think about boldness, and what it means to live boldly, I think of many things. Not backing down. Jumping out of an airplane. Being honest. Wearing white after Labor Day. Okay, that last one is a joke. I'm pretty sure we should all wear whatever color we feel not matter what time of the year it is. That is probably more about being comfortable in your own skin than it is about boldness.Actually, when I think of boldness, I think of blogging.Not that you have to be a blogger to live boldly; you don't.But some of the boldest people I know are bloggers....more
ace1028 Thank you, Andrea! <3more

Raising An Only Child And Mom-Guilt

My grandma died this summer. In very real ways I'm still processing that loss. There is this drive to check my facebook messages for a note from my family, until I remember, yet again, that she is gone, and those message strings are no longer being used.I was nearly glued to my computer during the weeks she was in the hospital; refreshing facebook every few seconds, hoping for an update to appear. That is what it is like when you are on the other side of the country....more

It's All Sweet Until You Hit Level 350 on Candy Crush

You didn't think I was going to write every day in November without at least one post about Candy Crush, did you? It would probably be impossible. Especially when I have been stuck on a level for what feels like forever, and I have to talk about it with someone who will really care. Or someone whose eyes I can't see rolling as the words Candy Crush leave my lips. ...more
I'm so stuck on level 350, I swear I'm going to quit! Help!!!!!!more

I Hit A Knitting Wall

Once upon a time I used to knit. Not all that long ago, and not in a kingdom far, far away, although I did send squares far away to be made into blankets. I did most of my knitting in Orlando probably while watching discs of Gilmore Girls on repeat. And now? I miss it. It has been more than a year since I created anything with knitting needles....more

Rules For Choosing The Perfect Book To Read On A Bad Day

I want to tell you about the book Someday, Someday, Maybe, but first I have to give you some background. Not background on the book - although I will tell you it was written by Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood fame, and that is more than enough background to make it a must read, or at least, a must try. I love Lauren Graham....more

This Is Why I Will Never Read Another Book Series With My Husband

I love to read books with other people. Right now I'm reading the Outlander books with Tia, the Harry Potter books with Katarina, and the Wheel of Time books with Thomas. ...more

You Can See My Week #iPPP

I am new to this whole cell phone camera thing - having been jolted into the current century only this month when Thomas got a new phone. This is the second week I have been on this thing y'all call Instagram (come find me on Instagram, please, so I won't be lonely), and I am loving it. We have Hibiscus all around our home. I have read that you can dry it for eating, or make it into a tea, ...more

Please Pass The Spam

There has been an increase in spam comments the last two months. Every spam robot has its own strategy to get you to publish its comments. These are some of my favorites. I want you to think I'm asking a question: ...more

A Letter To The Girl Who Is Hurting And Confused

There is a wonderful girl I love, who inspired this post, but it is not only for her. This letter is for any girl, any woman, who has been hurt by life, and feels scared and empty.  ...more