First World Problems - Late

I was going to write a post about how annoyed I was this morning with people hoarding spots in the preschool drop off line and then I realized how ridiculous I am. So I made this instead. ...more

Early Childhood Education: The Montessori Method

What is the Montessori Method?In the 1940’s, Dr. Montessori revealed a scientific method she designed and tested in the belief that it would bring out the highest potential in young children. Previously she developed successful systems for older children, but at this time she stated that her method needed to be introduced to children before the age of 3....more

Does Your Child Name-Call?

Ugh - it finally happened.I was playing cars with my son one evening last week and discussing how his day at preschool was. He is pretty open to different friends but I have really noticed his personality growing by leaps and bounds since he started at 'big boy school'....more

Comment Battle

Imagine yourself sitting in a room full of people. Perhaps you are at a PTA meeting or in a night class at the local college. Maybe you are attending a book club meetup. As everyone mills around, chatting about their day, catching up on their lives and exploits, one woman, we'll call her 'Sarah', laughingly says to the people gathered around her, "I can't believe how much I hate the treadmill. It's like torture! I'd much rather be sitting on the couch eating cupcakes and watching a bad lifetime movie on television. You guys should join me!...more

The Long Hair Cold War

Does your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend love long hair. Do you want to cut your hair off but are concerned that your significant other will wither up and die from disappointment? Trimming your tresses will prompt his soul to shatter into a thousand little hair sized shards on the salon floor?Well ladies (and gents, if that's how you roll) I have been staging a cold war against R on this for a while now and I am willing to share my battle plans and tactics for I think that I am finally breaking him. Oh, he'll deny it, but how much more can he really take?...more

A Tale from the Dark Side - Miscarriage Part 3 of 3

Continuing on from Parts 1 & 2 wherein I experienced several miscarriages, one healthy pregnancy resulting in the birth of our beautiful boy Ender and finally passing the 3 month mark on a second baby boy. If you missed them, please read Part 1 and Part 2. Thank you.-----------------------...more

Guest Bloggers Wanted: Early Childhood Education

Hola! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, I know I did....more

Shit that Happens in the Middle of the Night

I've been having insomnia again. Last night as I was up creeping through the house in the dark of night I realized just exactly how weird it is to be up when no one else is. Mostly because it's pitch black in here. I feel like if I turn a light on I'm giving in to being awake for hours....more

All I Want for Christmas is Me

Oh hi there. Yes, you, over there - with the Lululemon pants and the Starbucks.   You look like a fit, healthy, well-rested modern day woman who gets to the yoga studio and has amazing girls' nights out with your equally awesome friends. Um, this may be a little awkward, but have you seen my butt?...more

Do we need snow for Christmas?

I love the sun - I really, really do because I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Sunshine helps prevent me from becoming a self-destructive, depressed pile of asshole every winter. If you ask my husband he will land firmly on the Sun's side in this discussion. It's one reason, among many, why we love living in  Northern California....more