Web Rage Suckers

When Tina Fey told her Internet critics to "suck it" after winning the Golden Globe the other night I couldn't help but smile. The kick-ass media dynamo is right. Internet meanies suck. Big time. You know the ones. The lowlife's who hide behind usernames and leave nasty comments on other people's blogs. Or worse the ones who show no shame and trash talk on their own blogs. Just because they can. I bet they're the same types who let loose behind the wheel of a car. ...more


Since I became a mom 25-months ago I can't remember a damn thing. Birthdays? Nope. Names of parents at preschool? ...more

Little Miss Chatterbox

By the time eight o'clock rolls around each night my head is pounding, my nerves are frayed and I just want Natalia to stop talking for just one minute. Just enough time for me to take a deep breath and remind myself not to yell. Is that too much to ask a two-year-old? ...more

Thank You Mr. President-Elect


Pint-Size Pundits: Get-Out-The-Vote Song

Who ever thought a bunch of middle school kids could get Republicans and Democrats to agree on something? Well, the boys and girls at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta have done just that with a little get-out-and-vote song and dance that's drawing quite a crowed on YouTube. It's also been praised by both parties. ...more

To Trick Or Not To Treat

I knew this day would get here sooner or later. My 2-year-old daughter is now old enough to say Halloween, costume, and the most dreaded word known to dentist fearing parents – candy. So do I let her dress up and eat crummy cavity-friendly candy? ...more

Oh, Baby! The Clever Cover of Pregnancy Magazine.

Pregnancy hasn't looked this good since a buck naked Demi Moore showed off her baby bump on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine seventeen years ago. Sexy. Powerful. In your face. ...more

I'm With Stupid

I’m a straight shooter. Have been since I was knee-high. So if you have the guts to speak your mind chances are I’m going to like you no matter what you have to say. But there’s a limit. Recently on the girl gabfest The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, crossed the line while defending John McCain. While I oppose Hasselbeck's views I respect the fact that she has the balls to stand up to her outspoken liberal co-hosts. That takes moxie. But on this particular episode Hasslebeck wasn't criticizing Obama's childhood terrorist ties, tax plan or his wife Michelle's budget wardrobe. ...more

For me this is NOT about language but about how little we are used to appreciate quality in ...more