Creative Galaxy: A New Series For Preschoolers!

I was excited to review Creative Galaxy which is a series for preschoolers that will take your child on an interactive adventure as Arty and Epiphany travel around the galaxy using crafts, music, and dance to solve problems. You can recreate their crafts with your child at the end of each episode via a craft... Read More » The post Creative Galaxy: A New Series For Preschoolers! ...more

DIY Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. I’m not going to lie, it’s my least favorite holiday. I don’t like scary things or candy or my kid prowling the street at night or other kids prowling the streets at night or the money I spend on a costume that will last a few hours ....more

Mom Confession: I Almost Lost It At A Soccer Game Last Night!

Tyler was asked to run lines for a game that started at 5:30 last night which I didn’t mind because it keeps him busy and he makes $10. At 7:15 I decide to run over to the game because my son likes to announce when he needs to get picked up without taking into consideration... Read More » The post Mom Confession: I Almost Lost It At A Soccer Game Last Night! ...more

Who Will Your Children Be Tomorrow?

It’s hard to think about Tomorrow when you’re bogged down in Today. Today brings carpooling, dirty laundry, tired kids, picky eaters, messy homes, friend problems, struggles in school or sports. Today is all-consuming ....more

Goal Setting for Kids

Goal setting for kids can really improve your child’s drive to succeed in all areas of his life....more

The Bouqs Review: Beautiful Flowers for Your Loved Ones

When I was contacted to do a review for The Bouqs Company, an online florist that sources flowers directly from farms around the world, I was so excited. What woman doesn’t LOVE getting flowers? I picked “Sweetness” because they looked just as they sound ....more

5 Ways Moms can Make Time for Themselves

It shouldn’t be so hard to take care of ourselves right? But as a mom, the day-to-day chores and responsibilities can be overwhelming and trying to find extra time (what is that anyway) for ourselves can seem almost impossible. Here are a few easy ways that moms can be a little selfish: Schedule time with......more

How to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms

Your kids LOVE cleaning their rooms right? Yeah mine doesn’t either but I hope I made you laugh;) Here are some tips for getting a reluctant cleaner to tidy their rooms with minimal fuss. 8 Tips to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms Cause and Effect...more

7 Parenting Rules That Should Be Broken

Every household has its rules. But I am a firm believer that one of the jobs of being a good parent is knowing when to break your...more