It's Not Okay To Play With Your Food.

We have a friend, Reader, who I shall call R. He is my mister's friend, but also mine, as we often hang out with him and his lovely Other Half.  R recently made a statement - which My Mister agrees with - along the lines of my being "rude to waitstaff."...more

In My Next 30 Years...

 Happy Birthday,  Vintage Me!! ...more

The Cleanse: The Easiest Diet in the World

About that Cleanse. "How'd it go?", you may be wondering. Firstly, let me acknowledge that is probably a whole lot of wrong punctuation going on right there in that last sentence. Whatevs. Here's the breakdown. Monday Starting strong. It's all-fruit (sort of like an all-skate at the roller rink, but not really like that at all). Except for bananas. Banana's apparently don't know how to skate. I prepped for the day the night before (good job, Me!...more

Not Just for Fun & Games. Apparently.

 This past Easter was a day of learning, Reader. Learning about Life and Scary Things. I spent Easter Sunday enjoying an early supper with My Mister's family while he was at work. It was just the girls. And I learned things. Things about vaginas. At the Easter dinner table....more


We cried and cried and said goodbye to my beloved kitty, Twinkle Toes, on Wednesday, May 2nd 2012.He was 10 years old.  Not nearly long enough with such a fine little friend.   I found him on a golf course, or I should say he found me. He came wobbling out of a bush, across a June-sun hot asphalt parking lot, mewing and toddering on unsteady little feet. He had been neglected, laden with worms and ear mites and a sinus infection. His eyes were matted shut and he couldn't see where he was going.But he found me.  ...more
 @tracyeoh My dog was sleeping at my feet as I read this and I started to sniffle a little ...more