Define "cheese toast"

 I feel qualified to make this request, having been asked if I would, in fact ,like a piece of cheese toast and having answered heartily,  "Oh my, yes please" much too quickly....more

Without tomato. Sourdough bread would be really good. Mmmm.

Great. Now I'm hungry! ;) ...more

Do yourself a favor. Remind someone who they are.

When my niece, Nina, was born, I was finally smart enough to tell her what I should have told my own daughter starting from the moment the she was placed on my belly."Never forget who you are. We'll try to make you because we're afraid, but don't you let us.  You.......are.......perfect."In that moment of spontaneous truth, I began to tell those same words to myself, to my daughter and to anyone who would listen.    Listen....more

An Epic: Men Women Friends Fury

My husband has a girlfriend, or rather, my husband has a girl friend, and I'm not as "coolly unconcerned" as I was the first ten years of our relationship.   In fact, as I type this, I'm angry.  ...more

While you hate for anyone to have to go through the discomfort inherent in a ...more

An open letter to all of you.

When I began blogging the first time, several years ago, I didn't want anyone to know about it.  I'm a geek for hire so rather than going to a free blogging site, I went to the extreme of hosting my own blog. Why? Because I wanted a dialog between myself and the Universe, period, and the internet was as good a place as any, maybe even the best place. It's almost a metaphor for the unknown and unknowable All.   ...more

Small choices- stones in the water

Our choices, once made, ripple outward in ways we don't always get to see, but occasionally we're given a peek out into the effects of our personal causes.This was taken outside my local Trader Joe's with a sad little camera phone, but it still manages to make the point. ...more

I hear they're going to put one in Nashville? That's still a bit far to drive, even for their ...more

Pay scale and the male ego.

      I work for a company that's heavily dependent on the construction sector and everybody that could be laid off already was, weeks ago and months ago.  As of Jan.1, everyone who made a certain amount of money had their salary reduced by ten percent, including me..  The company is trying to stay afloat and my boss felt awful, probably a lot of that was due to the fact that he too got a ten percent pay cut....more

Get.Up. Get.Up. Get.Up.

My dream, besides fabulous wealth, a humming bird's metabolism and eternal youth is to be invited to join TED.  You can go see for yourself, but basically it's a petri dish for ideas, the new kind.   They have a list of ten commandments that I made my own battle cry for blogging and sometimes I'm more successful than I am at others.  The bar is wildly high....more

Work with what you've got

Anyone who cares about the way they look in blue jeans can tell you there was a study done that says if you take 10,000 steps a day you will be fit, trim, live forever, have no wrinkles and will laugh with delight when people half your age want to take you dancing.   Anyone who would like to look good in their jeans living in Paris can tell you French women eat butter.   Anyone with internet access or a degree in biology can tell you that the human machine is a whole lot of water....more

I feel so auld.

okay... but I'm  not thrilled about it....more

"What do you do?"

  I am paid to be an Oracle database and Unix systems administrator. This is my job, the one that  keeps the lights on and keeps my unruly horde in things like shoes and milk, but when people ask me what I do, I tell them I am a writer.    I don't get paid for writing and the weird thing is I don't care if I ever do....more

I laughed when I read your comment Robin. I'm tempted to say,
"From your keyboard to the inbox ...more