10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Blog  “Start a blog,” they said. “You’ll be so good at it!” they said. “You’ll love it!” they said. So I did. And turns out, I’m pretty good at it.  And I DO love it.  ...more

The Weirdest Thing A Toddler's Asked Me

My niece is 4 and like most toddlers, she’s at the age where she asks a gazillion questions.  I always try to be honest no matter what’s she’s curious about at that moment. “Auntie, why do you have that thing on your toothbrush?” ...more

Are You a Keeper or a Tosser?

My mom likes stuff. She’s a bit of a collector. She’s not like Hoarders: Buried Alive yet or anything. Maybe more of the Borderline Hoarder: Might Be Buried Some Day So Keep Checking on Me variety. Mom has had stuff stashed away for the grandkids since before there was an inkling that there might be grandkids....more
I'd have to say that I'm in the middle.  Some things are so hard to let go of if they came from ...more

How to Bomb an Interview...that You're Conducting!

Nobody likes interviewing: fact. It’s awful. You have to dress up in a suit and talk about how great you are for an hour and carry on about why you’d be perfect for a job that you don’t even *really* know you want… because as much as you’re lying your face off about how great you are, the employers are probably lying theirs off about how great the job is. It’s horrible. It’s not fun- period, end of story....more

A Letter to a Friend Lost to Cancer

One of my best friends lost a parent to cancer today and my heart hearts for her loss and my heart hurts because I knew her and loved her too. She was a wonderful, dynamic and loving person and I am happy she doesn’t have to bear the burden of fighting anymore. I know I will hear her laughter forever in my memories....more

Random Acts of Kindness

Last night we had a happy hour in our office after work.  We brought in some beer and wine and had Mexican catered in.  Everyone was chatting and hanging out, and as the crowd dwindled, the few of us who were left started in on cleanup duty....more

Being a Good Samaritan Doesn't Always Pay Off

I was running around like a madman last week doing last-minute errands getting ready for a trip to visit my family: gifts for the kids, picking up a few mini-toiletries at Target, etc etc.  Then I stopped into an Asian place for some to-go food to bring home to eat while I packed. So I was sitting there waiting for my order and minding my own business when in walks some dude....more

An open letter to my married mommy friends on Valentines Day

As a single woman in her 30’s, I appreciate you all worrying about my well-being on this day.  I’m sure you must think that not having a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is going to send me spiraling into an abyss of deep depression but I promise you, I’M FINE....more
That Shameless Hussy  HAHAHAHA "fix your own damn lives" hahaha #preachitmore

How My Beauty Regimen Pains Were Like My Sister's Labor Pains. Sorta.

I will never forget the day my niece was born. A friend of mine worked at Sephora and had given me a giant bag of goodies. As I dug into it, I started trying out all the different products. And I mean all. I smeared on the face-life cream, eye patches to reduce puffiness, lip plumper, teeth whitening strips, cellulite goo on my thighs, stomach firming gel, foot tingly stuff with the special socks, exfoliators, you name it and I had it gobbed on my body....more