Teacher as container

I remember reading an article some years back called Consultant as Container***, or something like that. It spoke about how an organizational consultant can play a role in ‘holding’ the emotion in the room during periods of change and that this act of holding can assist in allowing the change to continue ....more

A culture of reading (+ technology)

I have had a series of conversations with different teachers and other educators about reading. Invariably the notion of a culture of reading comes up and just as invariably it is pitted against ‘technology’, as if it is something we need to save from the onslaught of technology ....more

A note on digital citizenship

I hear so many educators complain about how technology is hijacking our students’ education. How they don’t know how to be digital citizens. How they are addicted. How all they care about is YouTube and Facebook and their social lives. So instead of teaching it they dismiss it, poopoo it, and try to ban it ....more

Flashback: seeking to understand

This post was originally written in 2009 and is still very relevant to me. I hope you think so as well. — A norm that I aspire to, however difficult it can be at times is this one: Seek to understand before being understood ....more

A more appropriate method

When a student complains about his teacher’s less than motivational teaching style, his school board replies that he did not complain appropriately. How can he complain? What outlet do students have to express their concerns about their teachers? What is a more appropriate method? ...more

Flavour-of-the-month: Get your red-hot PD here…but not for long!

I’ve been looking through my archives as a result of redesigning my blog over the weekend and saw a few posts about different flavours-of-the-month from years past ....more

What matters is caring every moment we have.

The title of this post is shamelessly stolen from Michael Doyle. Go find it in the post I stole it from. Michael always puts things in perspective. Especially at this time of year but not only, it is in our gentle acts of caring that the brilliance of our teaching shines through ....more

Imagine if we asked our students…

What do you think they would say if we asked them what their best teachers did (or do) to help them learn? (Inspired by Steven W. Anderson.) ...more

Unwrapping the cellophane

In yesterday’s post about oral assessment, I commented that “…the very act of talking with our students helps us to see them ....more

Saving time while assessing

I was given some homework on Friday. It was to make a short video, talking to teachers about saving time in the classroom with oral assessments. Here you go, Marc ;) I cannot underscore the value of talking to your students for evaluative purposes ....more