One day at a time

I have been in the process of learning a very valuable lesson. Well, several of them, but one I need to focus on....more


Some days are easier than others.Let me rephrase that. Some parts of each day are easier than others.Mornings are usually the best for me which is strange because I am not a morning person - I love seeing the sun rise but I don't wake up in a good mood normally. Lately however, I wake up ready to take on the day ....more


It's amazing what an illusion time is. I read a scientific article once that said time seems to speed up as we get older because of experiences. When we are young, time seems to go slower, and as we get older, most of us realize time goes very quickly ....more


I've titled this post, Woodswoman, because the book, written by one of my favorite authors, Anne LaBastille, is sitting open beside me on my bed and has been for many days. I know in my heart Kevin will help guide me but I have had so much chaos and so much pain it's hard to feel it right now and it's also almost impossible to focus. But I was guided to pull out that book.I've read all of her books, she's inspired me in a lot of ways, like a lot of strong women have, but it's lying open beside me because along with A Sand County Almanac, it's the first book, or item, Kevin ever gave me ....more

My heart is shattered...

Blogging is at the moment the last thing on my mind, as are writing the words I am about to write, but I know a lot of our friends read this blog, and at some point I will need to admit it to everyone and myself. I have lost Kevin. He left me, and his family, completely unexpectedly last week with little warning and in a traumatic way ....more


Even Bulrush is shocked!I'm sorry I haven't written in quite some time... I'm not going to lie, it's been pretty tough the past few months and although plenty of things have happened on the farm, including good things, it's been hard to be inspired to write and share when I am in bed 98% of the time. Most days I'm out of bed for maybe one or two hours ....more

Chaos and Gratitude.

Sometimes words come so easy, and sometimes finding the right ones is so very difficult. I know how I want to express myself but yet it still seems so difficult to do, and part of me doesn't want to. But Kevin tells me it's important to do so, and it's important to share ....more

June is almost gone?

This afternoon I am resting after cleaning the 5th wheel this morning in preparation for a short trip this week to Michigan for Kevin's family reunion. And since I'm resting, I thought I'd take advantage of this time to update the blog.We are looking forward to this trip, and decided to take the 5th wheel instead of the truck camper so we'll be more comfortable once we are there, especially if and when I'm not on my feet, and we also are going to bring the boys with us since it's hard to leave them and they haven't been camping in a long time. This will actually be Rollie's first time camping and he's 2 1/2! ...more

Coming back to life...

It has been very warm (in the 70s F) here the past few days so we've been taking advantage of it the best we can. My days are pretty up and down but I have been completely making the best of what I've got and enjoying my critters, and the sunshine when I can.Emerald loves coming to the house for a daily visit, she climbs right up the porch, comes inside and then heads out on the deck with me and the dogs. She also joins me and the dogs on our walks ....more

Major spring catch up

Well I started writing this post weeks ago. Actually, a month ago. These pictures are all from March and early April but I still wanted to share them before I move on to hopefully more recent events!The whole month of April has really been a blur to me, at least the past 3 weeks ....more