The Spirit of Giving

Our family has always celebrated Christmas in a big way.  Some would say in an excessive manner.  But I ask, what is wrong with excess (tempered by reason, of course)?  I LOVE buying people gifts, and there is nothing more exciting for me than to watch them open.  I love decorating (I ususally have 3 Christmas trees along with Hannukkah decorations), I love wrapping, I enjoy giving.  ...more
suzannestavert Even if a person can only give one dollar to the Salvation Army bell ringer, ...more

Texas Voter? My Opinion.

If you care about women, equality, and/or excellence in education, please read on. If you live in Texas and are not registered to vote, shame on you.  If you live anywhere and aren't registered, shame on you.  If you live in Texas (or anywhere) and are registered to vote but don't vote, double shame on you.  If you are registered to vote and are a woman, or have a female relative, consider the following....more
Isn't it?????  Texas is going to elect another bunch of misogynistic morons.   Grrrrr.more

A Homecoming

Autumn ColorThomas Wolfe said one can't go home again, and in a sense, that's true. I cannot be a child again....more

A Midlife Scare!

Midlife isn't all fun and games! This lesson has been brought home to me over the past couple of years, and I received another reminder just this week....more

Ecuador and Volunteer Tourism

Leaving Ecuador on the red-eye through Miami last Thursday to my home in Dallas, I have to admit I was quite tired.  My trip to Puerto Lopez, Ecuador in order to dive Isla de la Plata (the Poor Man's Galapagos) for the Marine Megafauna Foundation, to photograph Giant Manta Rays, was both challenging and inspiring at the same time.  There were inevitable low points...after all, we were in the developing world, and one always has to brace to see harsh reality....more

Drama on the High Seas!

Isla de la Plata, Ecuador, known as "the poor man's Galapagos".Here I am, in Ecuador, on a volunteer dive trip, and it is drama a...more

Not All Entanglements End Happily

Not all Entanglements End Happily ...more

Adventuring UNDER the Mexican Caribbean!

Fabulous Photos Friday under the Caribbean Sea!http://www.travelswithtam/blog  by Tam Warner Minton on August 22, 2014 • ...more


It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and unfortunately, the "fantastic" and "scary" (and sometimes untrue) takes precedence, so I thought I'd show you some of the sharks I have known and loved!  I had an overly exciting minute with a Great White, but other than that, my experiences with sharks have been of awe, but not fear.  They really are not the man eating, evil creatures depicted on most of shark week....more

5 Reasons to get out and Adventure Travel!

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.  Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” Terry Pratchett...more