Motives Cosmetics Full Coverage Makeup

I just had to share with you all just how WONDERFUL the Motives cosmetics line is. As you can see, this young lady had a tattoo on her back and we used Motives foundation and it completely covered her tattoo....more

Spanking Your Child Could Lead To Mental Illness?

WOW! When I first read this I was in shock. Spanking/disciplining your child is apart of life. As the Bible says: "Spare the rod, spoil the child" and I must say my mom was a firm believer in that....more

Inner Circle Watch: 1 in 4 Women Admit To Posting Unflattering Photos Of Their Friends On Facebook, On Purpose

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Nowadays you really have to be careful of your inner circle because those who you think care the most about you could be your worst enemy....more

[Video] Apparently Oprah's Next Chapter Includes The Kardashian Family

I LOVE Oprah and always will, but I gotta admit I was one of those wondering what on earth she was doing interviewing the Kardashian Family. They're overexposed as it is, I hardly think there's anything else we really need to know about them.Well, Oprah took to OWN's official Facebook page to answer the million dollar question that all inquiring minds, including me, wanted to know!!!  WHY THE KARDASHIANS?!...more
50 cent. Now the Kardashians. Definitely signs her network's not doing to well. more

Sam Fine Says The Biggest Mistake For Women Of Color Is Not Wearing Makeup

As if women of color aren't always on the chopping block for something??? If it's not we're too independent or not standing by our man or have too much attitude/baggage, now MAKEUP!!! REALLY???...more

Yellow: Solange Knowles' Signature Color

Since Bey went on a hiatus to bond with Baby Blue, Solange has been on the scene harder than ever. I've always admitted to loving her style but not until reading one of my favorite blogs, I realized that she has an obsession with yellow....more