Reflections Upon Receiving "Cleavage Clips" for Christmas....from my Mother

O squee! O glee! A contraption I'd never known of from wonderous Meez Janis whose unique selection -- at least these--leaves me feeling...umm...well, surely not bliss... ...more
Oh. My. Goodness.more

Dear Keepsake Journal (KJ): Bye Bye What-If-ing

Dear KJ, Wow. It's day 14 and I'm sitting here thinkering. 13 days of writing a post each and every. single. day. (1 per day for the month of December). This is a big deal for me. Guess why? I'm not just writing these posts. I'm having to actually practice what I'm writing about while I'm writing. Go figure! The first 10 Keepsakes focused on how to #mommy_our_hearts. I've had to do that during this entire process of creating them. :)...more

the title of the post is deceiving. but possible. daily. we don't have to stay enmeshed in the ...more

Keepsake#2: Be Grounded (the 2nd of the 31 Keepsakes: 31 Days, 31 Ways to Love)

Hi hi hi friend. Big hugs and thank you for being here. This is day #2 of 31 Keepsakes: a compilation of treasured keepsakes that have helped me mommy my heart, mentor my moments, and marry my life throughout my journey. 31 Keepsakes are my gifts to each of you for you to enjoy, tuck up with, savor all month long to keep that inner fire burning brightly so we can continue to outpour to others which we're each striving to do so graciously....more

Keepsake #1: Be Gentle

This post is part of a series known as 31 Keepsakes, my gift to each of you this holiday season. The why behind the series may be read about here. Hello and thank you for being here. If this is your first visit, splendid. Today begins the sharing of 31 Keepsakes treasures I've found along my journey that have helped me mommy my heart, mentor my moments and marry my life....more

31 days, 31 ways to Love : Keepsakes for YOU

Happy December 1st to you!!! So trusting the wonder of the right now finds you feeling hope, exuding joy, and expecting a bounty of good. Oh, I simply adore this month!!! For me, each December, I find my heart deeply yearning to know what more can I do to hold and hug someone's right now, let her or him know they're okay just as they are, and find a way to virtually hold hands and hearts with humanity....more

This time? I need a simple mattress...

"This time? I need simple" I thought as I walked down the aisles of the mattress collection."This time? I need easy" I thought now in store #2, sampling the offerings. Store #1 overwhelmed me. "This time? I want to just look for the bed for the now," I heard my heart defend. (That internal motherly wise self always knows when you just need that honey, it's for the right now"). I'd finally opted out of the mattress specialty stores #1 & #2 and found my way to practical: store #3: Sears....more

3 Thought-tips for Refuting the question: "Am I Doing It Right?"

Disclosure: I struggle with this still. But here's the thing. Look at the question behind the question: The deeper question? it's a permission thing. Am I allowed to own my individual take? Am I allowed to do it (whatever 'it' is) the way I think it oughta be done? I hear you. I've asked this. A lot. I've asked this with regard to professional life and personal life. I've asked this in regard to everything. Is this right? Should it look like this? What do I really think?...more

Face Down the Bully: Forgive and Play On

I remember never wanting to hold a grudge or stay mad. It took more effort, made me feel mean, and I wanted to play and have fun, not stay grumpy and resentful....more

Bored yet? How ya doin over there in 'Wait - and - See-ville' ?

This is part 1 of the "Where not to go, ever" attempt to help you tune into your thoughts and figure out where not to go before you head there...from an experienced thought gypsy traveler. :) You know that song "We're on a road to no where" by the Talking Heads? Feel free to hum that while you're reading this.... Hey. Thanks for bein' here. Hope you're well. So I'm callin it. You know your thoughts better than anyone else....more

Squelch the Sabotager: 4 Ways To Begin To Heal Self Loathing (part 1)

The following internal dialogue is one example of one way self babble may ensue: Scene: any place, any where, typically when you first become conscious in the morning, but throughout the day and then some: sabotager: Hurry up. You’re late. You have to get started doing that thing. you, me, anyone: What thing? sabotager: The thing you’re supposed to be doing!!! you, me anyone: Which one? There’s bazillions!!!...more