Weekly Treasures: Thanksgiving

Original photo via Scott Robinson. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is this week! Just because I don’t eat turkey (but take double helpings of vegetables and mashed potatoes) doesn’t mean that I don’t love the holiday ....more

Recent Reads & Treat Yo’ Self Thursday {link-up #49}

One of my 30 by 30 goals is to read 30 (non-school or work related) books. Some months I check a lot of books off the list while it feels like there is absolutely no time to read other months. You can see all 25/30 books that I’ve read in the last year here ....more

10 Beauty Myths

I’m so excited to have one of my favorite bloggers take over the blog today. Ash is the lady behind The Grit Blogs, and one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve ever had the chance to talk to. If you haven’t already done so, I’m pretty sure that after you check out The Grits Blog, you’ll be adding it to your favorites list ....more

Travel Tromp: Seattle, Washington

Original photo via Anupam_ts. Seattle is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. While I’ve only been up there a few times, I’ve fallen in love with the city ....more


Original photo from Unsplash Currently loving. that I bought my wedding dress on Friday! writing ....more

Syafinaz Says

Intan / Syafinaz Says has quickly become my latest obsession. Any person who says that they blog to document passion in life is a keeper … and when those passions happen to be food, travel, and people, you know that blog is a true winner. I promise that Syafinaz Says will leave you with the desire to go explore the world and try new foods along the way ....more

November Playlist & Treat Yo’ Self Thursday {link-up #48}

I’ve recently turned into the person that prefers to listen to talk radio while driving to and from work. Scary, I know. But once I get home, I usually put on one of these five songs that I just can’t get enough of ....more

Hello Rigby!

Every now and then you come across a blogger that you just cane get enough of and that is how I feel about Jenn from Hello Rigby. Every time I read a post from Jenn I find myself instantly smiling. From her on point fashion and her scenes of Seattle to her insanely cute Shiba Inu, Rigby, I promise that you’ll quickly fall for Jenn’s blog ....more

November Wedding Checklist: 7 Months To Go! & Treat Yo’ Self Thursday {link-up #47}

I can’t believe that our wedding is 7 months away! We didn’t make a ton of progress in October but we did ask some very important people some very important questions! Tasks Completed in...more

Monthly Goals | November

Photo via Unsplash “I saw the lovely arch Of rainbow span the sky, The gold sun burning As the rain swept by.” – Elizabeth Coatsworth Last Month’s Goals ✓ ...more