30 by 30 Update – 514 Days Left

Original photo from Death To Stock Photo In August of 2013, I decided to put together a 30 by 30 list – 30 things that I’d like to accomplish before I turn 30. The list is divided into six things that I try to do every day: learn, adventure, love, smile, create, and grow. Since I only have one and a half years left...more


Currently loving. Seattle! We are finally starting to explore the city a bit more ....more

Monthly Goals | July

Oh hey, remember when I was a blogger? I seemed to have forgotten that for the last 6ish weeks. In my defense, I did have a fairly good excuse: I moved to Seattle at the end of May, spent two weeks working and finalizing our wedding, GOT MARRIED, and then went to Bora Bora for our honeymoon ....more

Mt. Baldy Summit Hike

For the last six years or so, I’ve lived in the foothills below the San Gabriel Mountains, almost directly below Mt San Antonio, more commonly known as Mt. Baldy. I’ve spent a lot of time around Mt ....more

100 Years of Beauty & Treat Yo’ Self Thursday {link-up #64}

Have you seen this video floating around social media? I saw the video show up on a few of my feeds but didn’t watch it until a friend sent it my way. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I got a little teary-eyed while watching it ....more

Santa Barbara Bachelorette Party

Last month I headed to Santa Barbara with my lovely bridesmaids (minus one) for my bachelorette party. My idea of a fabulous bachelorette party included a low-key vibe with my favorite people, and Santa Barbara delivered. And, for the record, so did my bridesmaids! ...more

Goodbye, California!

Well, it’s official – we’re moving! In 11 days we’ll be on the road and moving out of California. Truthfully, this move has been in the works for some time, but I wanted to wait until we secured an apartment before saying anything ....more

Weekly Treasures, Currently

Currently loving. slow weekends. I don’t see a lot more of those in the near future ....more

Amy Schumer & Treat Yo’ Self Thursday {link-up #63}

Clearly I’m the last person to jump on this train, but I’ve been loving everything Amy Schumer lately. I love the last video that just came out (celebrity interview with Bill Hader) but truly love the video below. If you haven’t already watched the video, be warned: the language is NSFW ....more

May Wedding Checklist: 1 Month To Go!

Well, we’re getting married next month. Yes, next month. So far we aren’t too stressed (knock on wood) and still enjoying the whole wedding thing ....more