40 Something Mom Memory

How is yours? Your memory...that is. I recently received a copy of an email newsletter I subscribe to, and they featured an article on this very subject. It came across my computer screen at a timely moment, as I prepare to go out of town and am hustling to remember/tackle all that I need to do before I leave. I also find this a topic of discussion with other moms my age. Do you? Since I turned 40, my memory is just not as sharp. ...more


I came across several bits of info this last week that succeeded in getting my dander up. One... studies show that working women on average still make about 73 cents for every dollar earned by a male. How could that still be true in this day and age??? Do we not perform as well as, in fact in many cases better than, male workers??? ...more

Sorry, I cannot help myself.

I've long been disgusted by the flim industry, not only ...more

Scam Alert

It seemed that we had enough scams and scam artists before the current economic crises but brace yourself because it has gotten worse. The April Issue of Ladies Home Journal highlights the 5 different scams that are operating right now in their article “Scam Alert.” These scam artists are very clever and you can be a genius but still fall prey to one of these schemes. Everyone is vulnerable and no one is immune to these new subtle and manipulative ways of getting your precious dollars. ...more


Enough about the Oscars. Let's hear it for the AARP! At least they recognize that some of us actually like grownup films, AND grownup actors! Looking over their winners and also-rans this year it occurs to me that we over-50-and-lovin'-it-ers had a pretty good number of our age group involved in films this last year... not enough, mind you, but some goodies. ...more

A Quote to Live By

The other day I came across something Eleanor Roosevelt said, and in thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that more truthful words were never spoken: "Women are like tea bags - they don't know how strong they are till they get under hot water." ...more

MORE Magazine’s Upcoming Issue

As you may already know, us gals at the In the Trenches Productions' "Women Over 40 Rock” Blog are fans of MORE Magazine. They are trailblazers who knew that women over 40 had power when they launched their magazine many years ago. From time to time we let you know what is happening at MORE magazine. Today we’re giving you a heads up on the topics and fun stuff they are covering in the upcoming March issue. There is one particular article that I urge you to check out: ...more

How Recession Proof Are You?

While nobody is totally recession proof, a modest way of living might be a blessing in these bleak times.  By having less than the average Wall Street high flyer, you might be emotionally better equipped to ride out these turbulent times.  While it’s not nice to celebrate anyone’s pain, there is a bit of schandenfraude knowing investment bank-robbers are scaling down.  So, here are 10 reasons why, you and I may fair better in this recession than the super rich. ...more


Yesterday, during a break in our current rainstorms, I went out for a walk. There were a few others on the street as well. Walking up the hill I saw the most gorgeous cloud formations ever! They varied in color from dark black to light grey, in numerous beautiful shapes... almost as if a sculptor had piled various types and colors of clay all over the sky... and there in one corner it was bright blue where Mrs. Sun was peeking through to tell us she was still there. ...more

A Love Affair at 56

Yes, it’s true.  I’m ashamed to say it but I recently had a love affair.  Sometimes you find love and you just can’t help yourself.  Someone just speaks to you in ways no one else can and you are whisked away. You still deeply love the one you have committed a lifetime to but you find that your heart is so big it can easily handle a new love.  But at what cost?? The new man in my life is called “Muffin”.  A small white and brown spotted dachshund.  ...more

Last Thoughts

A 50 year old nurse aboard the US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River said that as she faced imminent death her thoughts turned to her messy garage. ...more