Spill Now: The Coupling of Psychology and Technology

College is difficult as it is with the 20 page essays and two hour exams.  There's no question that college life for a lot of students breeds doubt, self-esteem issues, and anxiety toward the unforeseen future.  It goes without saying that added concerns like roommate issues and other personal dilemmas only add to the stress and confusion.   Many students become isolated because they struggle to find a worthy confidant among friends and are hesitant to seek therapy.  Luckily, startup company Spill has confronted a lot of these problems for students all over the US....more

New Startups at Mass Innovation Night's October Launch Party

Wednesday night was Mass Innovation Night’s monthly launch party where startups showcase new ideas and innovative products.  The Cummings Properties 128 TradeCenter hosted a variety of companies from children’s foot orthotics to video messaging apps.  Below are some of the interesting products featured at the event:...more

Justin Timberlake Backs New Photo Tagging Company Stipple it

Fashionistas, clothing companies, and ecommerce sites may soon go ga ga over the newest photo tagging technology called Stipple.  Stippleit.com, funded by big investors such as Justin Timberlake, offers four main types of services: Lens, Pipeline, Network, & Want.  Lens enables photo agencies to gain more revenue capabilities for their images.  The site also provides analytics services to help agencies monitor traffic and pinpoint their most profitable images....more