Three plants that can help you achieve cleaner indoor air

I knew that using plants indoor it is possible to improve the quality of our life, but I now learn how exactly and which three common houseplants, used in specific spots in a home or office building, can result in measurably cleaner indoor air. One of these, named 'Mother-in-law-tongue' is something I have at home and it is very easy to grow - even in a vase with water! It is used in bedrooms. The other two I am planning to find. ...more

Martenitsa - Happy 1st of March!

I want to greet you all with the 1st of March! "Chestita Baba Marta!" - this is one of the most loved Bulgarian ancient traditions: on March 1, people in Bulgaria celebrate Baba Marta's day through the symbolic exchange of martenitsi. They are always made of red and white threads as symbols of health and happiness.  Baba Marta brings the end of cold winter and the beginning of spring. ...more

The Home of 2009 - Trends and Inspirations

It is that time again when one of the most blogged about and discussed themes are the trends - trends in fashion and in design,  in our way of life. As an interior designer, what I am interested in are trends in design and home furnishings, but they are all interconnected and are showing a lot about the state of the society. ...more

Fuel for the brain

Information Gas Station is definitely something like this, but the expression 'gas station' here is used metaphorically, you cannot tank gas at this station, only information. iGS is the Helsinki City Library's virtual reference service. You can send your question on any subject through their web-page. ...more

Manage Your Inbox, Manage Your Personality

You are not only what you eat, but also what you keep—in your e-mail inbox that is in short what this interesting article of HOWdesign.comis about. The inbox is a metaphor for your personality, and according to the authers, you likely fall into one of two camps: The type who relentlessly checks e-mail, deleting or archiving them as they arrive, or the type who actively avoids the inbox and has hundreds, if not thousands, of unread e-mails awaiting replies. ...more

Hallo from Bulgaria!

I like so much your idea of creating this space! In addition to being a great place for communication it is a kind of quality sift that allows to save time while finding interesting reading and always there is something new to discover. ...more

Creating this space here is already a good trendspotting, Denise! I suppose that this is exactly ...more