Right Now Health, Wellness, Fitness (part 1 of healing addiction)

Look anywhere, people want to be fit, have wellness, improve health.Think: when's the last time you blogher searched a workout plan, a recipe, a new exercise, or even promised yourself you'd begin to exercise...tomorrow.Having been: on and off diets for the better part of 3 decadesaddicted to a bulimic lifestyle...(binge, purge, hide over and over and over again)battling with self - condemnation for what seems like alwaysI wanna offer something:...more

Make me do for love what I would not do

The following is told from the perspective of a nine year old girl:"Mommy why are you putting all that make up on?"The minute the words slipped out of her mouth, she knew it was the wrong question.She’d meant to ask,"Will you stay home and snuggle with me and read me a story?"Instead she voiced something that her 9 year old self had not yet learned triggered her mother's furor.She'd tried so hard so as not to upset Mommy by following the new rules since Daddy left....more
thank you so much for reading... it would be helpful to know what you are thinking/feeling after ...more

"You may have the burned chocolate chip cookies. You're welcome"

She was speechless, shaking, numb, but still standing.Only five minutes into the townhouse, enough time to go tinkle and wash her hands, and already the harsh shaming tones echoed through the door like she'd done something wrong, so it felt.She didn't want to leave the bathroom. Her stomach was already in knots. She looked anywhere for comfort.Her eyes gazed onto the counter where lied the crystal bowls of potpourri, reminding her how 'un child friendly' was this home. She'd broken one of those bowls before and been grounded for it....more
probably important to add: no one knows the pressures of a working woman who's been a bit thrown ...more