Growing Together: He is Me

I’ve always believed that each of us has more than one soul mate walking the planet at the same time. Because things change and life is fragile and souls need to find their matches. I’ve also been delighted to find out, since beginning to write and live online as well as off, that each of us has more than one kindred spirit ....more

When motherhood felt magical

For some time now, I’ve been looking back, wistfully, to the days when motherhood felt magical. Not that it was ever all pixie dust and unicorns. I don’t have to tell you that it’s really never been that way ....more


She never actually says the word. And good for us all that she doesn’t. Because the words that come next, from me, have been plotted out in my brain for years ....more

It was that kind of day

It’s been a long day. You know the kind. I know you do ....more


And here we are again. In the car just after 8am, willing the warm air to push faster through the vents, our breath pooling in clouds in front of our eyes. “Do you think I remember how to get there?” I ask her ....more

The Yellow Living Room

Our living room was yellow. Not a bright, neon yellow. A sort of muted yellow ....more

I made my mistakes. I Did Something.

The house is still. The kids are (finally) asleep. M is out with friends ....more

The best Christmas yet

It’s quiet, save for the toddler’s light snoring behind me and the Jazz flowing from the speakers, the melodies that lull them to sleep. We’re conferring about directions in hushed tones and holding our breath each time we stop for fear of disturbing their dreams. It’s been a whirlwind trip and they need their rest ....more

2nd annual Party at the North Pole

At 6:15 on Saturday morning she crept into my room. She sidled up to my bed, rested her hand on my shoulder and whispered “Welcome to the North Pole!” to my sleeping face. I still remember the days when I would have to wake her ....more

Wondering about Writers

I’ve seen this now in three places and I hope to see more of it. This is Questions for Writers. Kristen of Little Lodestar began it and I’ve now loved reading Lindsey’s and Nina’s answers ....more