Lovely Little Things, 29

A few of this week’s lovely little things. summer’s last bits When you go back to school after most of the country, you get to live in this limbo for a bit. Fall is right there with it’s backpacks and luncboxes but you can still spend the afternoon at the pool if that’s what you so choose ....more

From the past: End of summer sadness

You know, I like to believe sometimes that each and every year is different. Completely unique, like a little snowflake. That I feel it all differently and that I evolve a little from summer ending to summer ending so that the emotions are more mature or more realized with each passing year ....more

From the past: It’s a family time

This post from the past is why I’m taking a little break right now. Because now is a family time. It’s the only time in our lives when my little girl will be on the cusp of Kindergarten but still in the small, sweet place we specifically chose for her and when my little boy will still be mine, all mine, all day, every day ....more

Lovely Little Things, 28

at the central park zoo. I love how birds sometimes look like people in deep conversation when they sit together. This week’s lovely little things ....more

From the past: The Joy in Errands

While I take a few deep breaths in August, I’m pulling out some old favorites from my archives. Maybe these go back to before you knew me, before you found yourself in my little space here. I hope so ....more

August dislike

I never did like August. When I was a kid, August felt sorta cruel. The hottest, ickiest part of the summer and the threshold to the return ....more

Lovely Little Things, 27

This week was awful. For me personally. For the world ....more

Humanity Collides in New York City

We’re in New York City right now. We’re here because a certain little girl fell in love with an image of a tall, green lady wearing a crown that she saw somewhere in a book or heard about along the way at school. She had to see her and I say it’s never to early to start making the list of things you want to do and see in your life… or to start crossing them off ....more

You are a supermom

You are supermom. Yes, you. Oh yes, you are ....more


I had been marking the date for weeks. Obsessing over it’s closeness and, then, finally, its arrival. The last day of summer camp ....more