Missing out

“Look! It looks like late Fall now.” “What does that mean?” I explained, all the while realizing that the distinction really didn’t matter much to her. For kids, Fall is all leaves, pumpkins, costumes, apples and those things last the whole season through, straight through to fir trees and glitter and snow ....more

I’m at Scary Mommy today

“Your belly is fat right there.” she said, poking her four-year-old finger gently at my middle. I looked down and almost defensively blurted out, “No, actually, my belly is not fat right there.” I almost responded as if I’d been attacked. In tone, if not in words, I almost revealed to her that sometimes, I still feel fat right there ....more

Lovely Little Things, 34

A round up of this week’s lovely little things. Happy Diwali Kids, particularly kids old enough to understand more about religion and faith, sort of force you to step it up when it comes to religious holidays. Just by their presence in your life, their big eyes looking up to you and asking questions, they force you to engage ....more

Happy Birthday on TV 2!

One thing I’ve learned in my two years as a mom to siblings is that conversations about the subtle differences between ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ rarely make anyone feel good. I suspect this may change as they grow older and follow different interests, needs, and wants. But, today, cookies must be exactly the same size (or, one must be a little bigger in favor of big sister), hugs must be doled out in equal amounts and times, and what one gets, the other better see coming or there will be whining ....more

Keep trying to conquer my distractions

“Mommy? Oh. I’ll show you when you are done with your phone.” The moment she said it, my heart sank ....more

Lovely Little Things, 33

A few of this week’s lovely little things: Museums and Airplanes There was a time when the idea of taking 2 kids across the river and into the city and through a crowded museum without the support of another adult would have never even crossed my mind. And if it had, I would have laughed. I must be a well-seasoned mama (haha!) because that is how we spent our Monday morning ....more

Growing Together: Don’t Try to Solve Problems You Don’t Have

We’re back! After sharing this space with friends weekly over the summer, I decided to shift Growing Together to happen monthly as the Fall settles in. It’s too much fun to share this space and the words of the brilliant people I meet ....more

For your bucket list

If you’ve never been to a wedding on the beach, that is something you need to fix. Put it on your bucket list. Crash one if you have to ....more

73 Questions

I’ve seen a few of these question posts floating around and thought it might be fun to do one myself! To give credit where it’s due, I got the idea from Lindsey. I rarely reveal these kinds of random facts but I couldn’t agree more with Lindsey that the answers to these questions create a very revealing kaleidoscope about a person ....more

Lovely Little Things, 32

On Wednesday morning, my husband sent me a text. It said, “Good luck.” I responded, “Thx. You too.” At that moment, he was sitting in an allergist’s office with our daughter, preparing to watch her eat small spoonfuls of peanut butter for 3 hours, hopefully uneventfully ....more