Where my thoughts are

I’ve been cultivating a slow Sunday morning habit, the core of which is avoiding email and social media for as much of the day as I can. Good news rarely comes through those channels. At best, the things I read on my phone...more

Yoga all around. A review of Rachel’s Day in the Garden

About once a day, I unroll my yoga mat. It unfurls along...more

The challenge of being content

I’ve been increasingly aware, lately, that my kids are growing. I know that sounds odd but, if you think about it, we spend a lot of time in parenthood completely unaware that our kids are, in fact, growing. We don’t catch on as they accumulate fractions of inches in height until one day they can open the pantry and reach a snack off the top shelf ....more


“It’s time to get up now.” he says, giving me a gentle nudge. It’s the third, maybe fourth time he’s woken me this morning. It’s also the same thing every day, as if I’m five or maybe fifteen ....more

Vignettes of a blizzard

T-48 hours “Look, Mommy! It no-ing!” I smile the smile of a mother who believes she knows better. It can’t actually be snowing ....more

It’s still the new year

I’ve been feeling a bit behind with my start into the new year. My resolutions sit half-finished in the new journal I got for Christmas. I haven’t come here to write about the freshness of the new year or my plans for it ....more

Let a little go, keep a little too

This morning, I went to get a haircut and I asked my stylist to chop it all off. All year, actually for several years, my hair has mostly hung halfway down my back. I’ve kept it that way out of love for long hair, out of attachment to the me who looks like that, and out of fear of what may happen if I let it all go (a note to the fear: it always grows back) ....more

Desperately seeking holiday magic

Monday evening. Oh Monday evening. I planned for you to be oh so magical ....more

We went to India

Almost two weeks ago, our little family of four set off for ten days in India. We went to visit with family, enjoy a brief exotic beach holiday, and to introduce our kids to my husband’s extended family and one of his childhood homes. We were excited to expand the world for our kids, even just a little bit ....more

Oven light moments

She chooses a small table by the wall. I drop my bag on a chair and hand her my ipad. Then I open my laptop across from her and sit down ....more