Come on, let’s play!

“My children are small. Larger magic, bigger adventures, louder moments compel them. They want to get up and shake and move, their energy bursts at the seams ....more

I’ll be the monster

I walk into her closet, leaving the light off, and close the door behind me. My socks are no protection against the floor which I am convinced is ice made to look like wood. Her closet is always so cold, I’ll never understand why she chooses to get dressed in there ....more

Visit me On Parenting

I’m so honored to direct you to The Washington Post today where you can read a piece by yours truly. I have so much to say about this piece. The more I write, the more I practice my craft, the more I edit, the more I leave off the page ....more

Compassion. Adding my voice to #1000Speak

I’m naturally empathetic. A friend recently said that to me, about herself, but I’ve been using it to describe my own ways ever since. I’ve been doing that quite a lot lately, picking up on someone else’s reflection or self-awareness and weaving it into my own view of my world of myself and my ways ....more

Growing Together: Amazing Grace

I used to read other people’s words before starting off to type my own. I used to see it as a kickstart, a little path into the world of turning thoughts and feelings into ideas and words. After a while, though, I stopped, fearing that I was simply copying topics and stories and voices and not writing my own ....more

The sweet spot

“Go home, Mama. Go pay.” It’s a cold morning and the wind whips our faces as we walk back to our car, having just finished drop off. We’re headed home and pay means play and play we probably will ....more

This is 34

I’ve finally started waking up early again. It’s 4:45am as I write this and my office is cold buy my coffee is hot and somehow the two battle it out and the coffee wins and I’m not as numb as I expect to be. Beyond the sheer curtains and the windows behind them, snow is still falling lightly, sprinkling the tops of who knows how many inches that already lay on the ground ....more

I understand why you said no

I almost said it too. Sitting in hard plastic chairs with our 2-month old nestled in our arms, we exchanged nervous glances when the doctor told us she was ready for her first set of vaccinations. We’d heard enough of the rumors to be terrified ....more

Time Travel, Oprah, and Vulnerability

Last week I watched Barbara Walters’ most interesting people of 2014 special. Yes, last week. Three weeks into 2015 ....more

Time with Intent

I pull my mat out of the corner and unroll it across the floor. The mat is olive green and faded and missing in places where the cats have mistakenly used it as a scratching pad over the years (or, maybe intentionally, they are cats after all). I’m tempted, every time, to use my daughter’s bright purple and blue mat, just a few months old ....more