Holiday Calm & Fatigue

We’re close. Can you feel it? One week ....more

This House Needs a Mouse (a book review. my house does not need a mouse)

We heard it during a pause in our conversation. A pause that grew as we waited to hear it again. “What was that?” he asked ....more

Diyas, Dreidels, and Baby Jesus

She fell in love with Baby Jesus around this time last year. We hadn’t talked about him much. But stumbling upon him is inevitable this time of year ....more

She still believes

Yes, she still believes. She really, really believes. Without a doubt ....more


The truth? Our Thanksgiving was ok. Yes, that’s it ....more

Pulling Words

“Just like those early days of parenthood when I read every book, subscribed to every newsletter, bookmarked every website with an ounce of information about the sleeping and eating patterns of newborns and infants, I submerged myself in data, research, and the words of the experts. I highlighted, tabbed, and made notes in the margins of articles. And, just like in those early days, I’d come away so dizzy and overwhelmed that I could barely form a word myself ....more

Thank you

I haven’t been here on a Friday in weeks. Maybe it’s months by now. It’s not, of course, that I don’t have anything to be grateful for ....more

Last call

I’ve never really had this luxury before. This space to move my work and life back and forth along a continuum. One giving way when the other needs more, the whole bar shifting back and forth at will ....more

Growing Together: Lara of Joy, Lovely Joy

There are writers whose words inspire me to breathe deeply, take a moment, and give into the power that softly lilting phrases have over me. There are bloggers and people who I talk with on Twitter and think about as I wander through the pages of the book I’m reading. And then there are people like Lara ....more

A Thanksgiving Roast Beef

“What should we do for Thanksgiving this year?” he asked as we drove along, each of us gazing out the window, watching the world pass by as we made our way home. We had already declined invitations and decided to stay home. With illness and travel and just the bustle of daily life in the Fall with its birthday parties and Halloween festivities and all the rest, I longed for a day to just stay ....more