Not goodbye

photo credit: Miss N. Almost five years ago, we interviewed our first nanny as my belly swelled in front of me and my mind danced with a chaos that made me dizzy. I spent weeks in the middle of my pregnancy preparing and planning ahead for the complete unknown, as we all do ....more

Life is a wild moment

I used to walk those paths a million years ago. Lifetimes ago I lived there. I knew the buildings and how to get from one place to another via the most efficient routes ....more

On a cloud

It isn’t just that last week was wild. That I moved straight from stage back to life with a speed that made my heart ache. It isn’t that life has been loud lately with big decisions and big changes and so much big ....more

In the show (where show = Listen to Your Mother)

“Oh I thought of something else!” she said as I reached above her head to turn off the light on her bedside table. We had just finished saying her prayers and, as always, she had struggled to find things in her day to be thankful for. I make her reflect on her day every night but gratitude is a muscle that takes time to grow ....more

Lose the Cape

Here comes a very honest truth: I haven’t cleaned my house, like really cleaned, with the big vacuum and sponges and cleaning products, in weeks. I’ve spot cleaned, wandering around with the dust buster in hand, zapping up piles of crumbs underneath where the kids eat breakfast. But it’s been weeks since I’ve really gotten down and dirty ....more

Sharing words

I’d forgotten what this feels like. I’d sort of forgotten that it can happen. I’ve done a lot of writing this year but, for a few reasons, I have not done quite as much publishing in recent months ....more

Yesterday was busy

Yesterday was busy. Yesterday has been busy for quite some time now....more

Live, Love, Support

Live In a house asleep, I read. Real pages between my fingertips. Words but no pictures ....more


We have these wonderful moments. Days, in fact. We click ....more

Growing Together: She Taught Me Stillness

Many of the place I turn online, to read and connect, and therefore many of my friends online, usher in a sense of calm with their words. My life is so loud sometimes when all I really want is to be quiet and still. So I turn to people whose words and style and tone have a peacefulness to them ....more