Lovely Little Things, 28

at the central park zoo. I love how birds sometimes look like people in deep conversation when they sit together. This week’s lovely little things ....more

From the past: The Joy in Errands

While I take a few deep breaths in August, I’m pulling out some old favorites from my archives. Maybe these go back to before you knew me, before you found yourself in my little space here. I hope so ....more

August dislike

I never did like August. When I was a kid, August felt sorta cruel. The hottest, ickiest part of the summer and the threshold to the return ....more

Lovely Little Things, 27

This week was awful. For me personally. For the world ....more

Humanity Collides in New York City

We’re in New York City right now. We’re here because a certain little girl fell in love with an image of a tall, green lady wearing a crown that she saw somewhere in a book or heard about along the way at school. She had to see her and I say it’s never to early to start making the list of things you want to do and see in your life… or to start crossing them off ....more

You are a supermom

You are supermom. Yes, you. Oh yes, you are ....more


I had been marking the date for weeks. Obsessing over it’s closeness and, then, finally, its arrival. The last day of summer camp ....more

Lovely Little Things 26

This week’s lovely little things. love In the early days of my motherhood, I read Bad Mother by Ayelet Waldman. In it she makes frequent reference to the moment when she was vilified for admitting that she loved her husband more than her children ....more

Growing Together: Grief In The Glory Of The Ordinary

This week’s growing together tale is from another friend I’ve met in person. I may be hooked on meeting online friends in person now and then promptly sharing their stories here. On her blog, A Cookie Before Dinner (one of my favorite blog names out there), NJ tells lovely stories and shares amazing ideas (her recent post on things you can do now to prepare for Christmas has me thinking!) ....more

Out of the Blue and Wordless (a giveaway!)

When people ask what I do, these days, I say that I’m a writer. Since it took me quite some time to feel comfortable with that word, writer, as a description of what I do rather than what I dream, I’m sticking with it for now. Wearing it in, so to speak, so that it fits nicely in all the right places and has that comfortably worn-in look that I used to imagine on sweaters worn by writers curling up to pen memoirs by the sea ....more