Five: A Mermaids and Pirates Party

We had a birthday here last weekend. Weekend birthdays are a little something special, aren’t they? A birthday that falls on a weekday can feel a bit like a struggle ....more

Things I learned in September

I took this photo on Sunday at the park while my kids ran out any energy they still had left after a double-header birthday party weekend. I love this time of year when there are little pops of color on just about every tree, but no tree has completely turned yet. Only the bravest, most excited little branches turn in September ....more

Happy Birthday on TV!

Earlier this week, I was asked to be on an online TV show. It was a very exciting morning here, complete with lots of webcam testing and surveying the light in different parts of my house (not to mention trying to sort out what I would say). A certain little girl was just as excited as I was ....more

A Yes Weekend

She crawled into bed with us in the small hours of the morning. Which wouldn’t be odd except that it is. Save for the rare, extravagant thunderstorm, nothing wakes her up ....more

Pick up time

I see her before she sees me. I pause just outside the door, peering through the windows, observing and admiring her, completely unnoticed. In this split second of seeing without being seen, I get to survey the situation ....more

No more parenting on the fly (Get the Behavior You Want)

I’d push myself up in bed and reach for my phone, flipping directly to my email. And there they were, every morning: one email from Baby Center and another from What to Expect. I had signed up for an account on each within days of finding out that I was pregnant with my daughter and I lived on those daily emails they’d send with information and tips about what was going on inside my belly ....more

My daughter loves princesses. And that’s ok with me.

I recently asked my daughter what she wanted for her upcoming fifth birthday. Her response: “princess stuff.” Up until this past year, I had successfully kept the princesses from knocking on our door. We didn’t talk about them, see the movies, or read the books ....more

Vignettes: almost five

“Is it a drop-off party?” she asks. She asks the same question every time. Half the time I kiss her goodbye and watch the clock for two hours ....more

Lovely Little Things, 31

I’ve had some dark days, recently. Maybe you could tell. (Didn’t think I’d have enough to link every word of that sentence but, well, there ya have it) ....more

They screamed, I screamed, we all screamed

She screams at him. He screams back. There is a pause ....more