My daughter loves princesses. And that’s ok with me.

I recently asked my daughter what she wanted for her upcoming fifth birthday. Her response: “princess stuff.” Up until this past year, I had successfully kept the princesses from knocking on our door. We didn’t talk about them, see the movies, or read the books ....more

Vignettes: almost five

“Is it a drop-off party?” she asks. She asks the same question every time. Half the time I kiss her goodbye and watch the clock for two hours ....more

Lovely Little Things, 31

I’ve had some dark days, recently. Maybe you could tell. (Didn’t think I’d have enough to link every word of that sentence but, well, there ya have it) ....more

They screamed, I screamed, we all screamed

She screams at him. He screams back. There is a pause ....more

Atypical (the big speech udpate)

They started with the good news. Gross motor in the 21-24 month range. Check ....more

Lovely Little Things, 30

spot the toddler on the path This evening I dragged my tired tush to the library. It’s where I work in the evenings these days, after I’ve poured myself out into my family all day, I take what’s left and I pour it out here. Or there ....more

Nourish Yourself

“But I know that I never revealed that I struggled with nourishment. That I hadn’t really nourished myself in years, perhaps ever. That perhaps I hadn’t been truly nourished since my own mother saw to it that I was ....more

To my girl on her third, first day of school

My girl, Two years ago, I sat right here and wrote you a letter before your first, first day of school. I wrote about how big that moment was. How scary but how exciting ....more

Summer lessons

Yes, we come in at the tail end of the back-to-school season, proudly carrying our backpacks and packed lunches just as everyone else has started to drag theirs. I’ve seen the photos for weeks now, feeling partly anxious to join the flutter and partly blessed with a few more summer days. I love summer and you’ll never convince me that there is anything better than walking around with bare feet as the sun kisses your shoulders ....more

Lovely Little Things, 29

A few of this week’s lovely little things. summer’s last bits When you go back to school after most of the country, you get to live in this limbo for a bit. Fall is right there with it’s backpacks and luncboxes but you can still spend the afternoon at the pool if that’s what you so choose ....more