In Which I Try to Have Style |Stitch Fix Friday

Confession: I have very little fashion sense. I don’t wear make-up like a grown woman would (truly I just can’t be bothered). My hair is rarely done and frequently overgrown (#shorthairproblems) ....more

On Immunity | The Know It All {Audiobook Review}

Hi Guys! I started this post off with some mini-thoughts on several audiobooks, but then ended up having more to say than I thought I did. I’ve been listened and reading a lot of good books lately, but sometimes I find that when I’m done with them I don’t have a ton to say ....more

Birthday Invitations with Picmonkey | Inspiration on Monday

I don’t think it’s a secret that I loooooooove PicMonkey. I love it so much that I recently upgraded my account to the Royale version (after sadly eyeing those premium features that I couldn’t get my hands on). However, you can do so much with the free version of PicMonkey, including most of the below (the exceptions are the bunting, ribbon, and font style) ....more

Reading while Traveling

Last week I traveled all the way across Texas for business, which meant a few hours in the airport and on the plane. Since I’m normally traveling with littles, I was so excited to be able to pull out my book and read as much as I could in transit. I’ve always loved airport reading ....more

On Being Alone

Last month the operations manager at my company’s satellite office asked me to come down to her office to train with her for a week. I admit I kind of blew it off–especially as Scott has been traveling more and more for work and I didn’t want the girls to be subjected to so much traveling parents. But finally from urging from both of them, I booked the trip ....more

Sunday Bookish Questions

Several weeks ago Trisha from Eclectic/Eccentric tagged me in a little Bookish Questions meme. I’ve been saving these questions for a rainy weekend, and here we are! 1. What time of day do you typically read/do you prefer to read? ...more

Spring Has Sprung

This post is going to be a little bit of things I’m loving on lately, springy blossoms, and some Easter pictures. And whatever other things spring into my mind while I’m typing this. Too late at night when I should be in bed reading! ...more

Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Title: Pet Sematary Author: Stephen King Published: 1983; Pages: 576 Genre: Horror Rating:...more

Making Painted Nursery Letters | Inspiration on Monday

So how brilliant is it of me to start up an “Inspiration”...more