5.19.2015 – Ninth Anniversary

He will ALWAYS be my favorite. Nine years and so blessed. And between you and me…can you tell he has a little something in his eye above? ...more

Projects I Would Love to Create – Inspiration on Monday

While I don’t necessarily think of myself as a creative person, I do love to create. I do best with instructions or direct inspiration, but it’s always fun to take a starting point and just jump and see where I land. Most of my creative energies lately are focused in the sewing room–I’m working on my Stitcher’s Garden Quilt (this is for a monthly class so very slow going) and I have two quilt tops (one for each girl) ready to be finished up ....more

Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

Fish is something I don’t cook often. I don’t really know how to buy good fish or where to buy it. I don’t know what to look for or even really how to cook it ....more

Children’s Books Mommy Loves to Read

It’s Mother’s Day and since that means that today is all about me, I thought I’d share the books that I love reading to the girls. These aren’t necessarily the books that they choose when it comes to story time, but they’re the books that spark quite a bit of delight in both the reader and the listener. Since Evie (20m) is still too much of a wiggle worm to sit through an actual story book, these are the books I love reading with Elle (now 4) ....more

For the Love of Camping

The other day I mentioned allowing myself to live on whimsy for a little while. After I mentioned planning a camping trip, someone asked me if this would allow me that whimsy-living time. This gave me a bit of a pause because camping is a lot of work ....more

Right Now I Am… [4.28.2015]

I’m totally cheating. I’m a much more organized blogger when I have something in the hopper, but I’ve been busy and tired lately and thus not much has stayed in the hopper. I do plan to write up a post for Elle’s fourth birthday, but those posts always take a lot of time to write ....more

In Which I Try to Have Style |Stitch Fix Friday

Confession: I have very little fashion sense. I don’t wear make-up like a grown woman would (truly I just can’t be bothered). My hair is rarely done and frequently overgrown (#shorthairproblems) ....more