Ten Books I Have My Eye On

Christmas is in two days. Wheeeeeee!!!! And you know what’s sad? ...more

Seven Winter Survival Favorites

Winter is upon us! At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere. And baby is it cold outside! ...more

Top Ten Books of 2014

2014 was a pretty good reading year for me if you look at numbers alone. I’m set to finish at 52 books for the year–I haven’t hit the 50 book mark since 2009! My goal for the year was 24 and thanks to graphic novels and audiobooks, I was able to bump up my numbers without trying ....more

Did I Read That Book?

You know what I hate? Wait–let me back up. Happy Sunday!! ...more

The Photographer by Emmanuel Guibert

Title: The Photographer: Into War-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders Author: Emmanuel Guibert Published: 2009 Pages: 288 Genre: Nonfiction/Memoir (Graphic) Rating: One slight annoyance but a whole lot of wow. On Amazon | On Indiebound | On Goodreads In Short: Photographer...more

Sticher’s Garden – A Quilt Beginning

Oh good. I just took a look at my “2104 Things” thinking that I had on my list to take a photography class this year, but it’s not on there. Because goodness knows that there are enough things on the list that I haven’t done and won’t do this year (I’m looking at you 10K race) ....more

Classics I Haven’t Read…Yet

As a book person, other people seem to have great expectations of what I am supposed to have...more

Cook It Up! Cookbook Challenge Link-Up

Welcome to the December Edition of Cook It Up! Feel free to join in the challenge at any time, any month. The idea is to pull those cookbooks of your shelves and use them ....more

Marbles by Ellen Forney

Title: Marbles – Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me Author: Ellen Forney Published: 2012; Pages: 256 Genre: Memoir/Graphic Rating: Devoured On Amazon | On Indiebound | On Goodreads In Short: A young woman comes to terms with her Bipolar diagnosis and what it means to her as a creative artist. Why I Read Marbles: Marbles was recommended to me during Nonfiction November. I can’t remember if it was already on my radar or not, but I’m glad that Farin and Leslie recommended it! ...more

What Kind of Mom Am I?

The other day I went to pick up the girls from school and Elle was playing outside on the playground with her friends. Of course she got mad that I was there to pick her up (So nice to see you, too, sweetheart! I missed you all day! ...more