Unwanted Furry and Fluffy Pregnancies

My BFF is part of a great initiative in Tobago, which is aimed at reducing the stray animal population in the sister isle of Tobago, and promote animal welfare on the island. It is always such a big thing for me more as a Trini, and not so much as a huge, gooey dog lover myself (I cannot see a dog and pass it straight), to travel and see animals treated well - I mean beyond the normal boundaries of animal wellness. lol. I love my cousin's neighbour's dog, a West Highland White Terrier named Womble, who is such a little star and is so loved and so spoilt by his owners. My own mongrels get the sort of love and care that Trinidad terriers aka pot hounds aka mongrels rarely get here because of their inferior status in the Trini dog world....more

Support Me in My Big Life Adventure

I just got back from a spiritually and physically renewing vacation. The days leading up to this vacation were chaotic and stressful. I had a huge financial and personal decision to make about my future, and add that to covering two jobs at work - 2 stressful jobs - I was frazzled, and on the brink of emotional self destruction. I think it is so important that women find ways to renew themselves. We juggle being career women, mothers, and caregivers to friends and families. All that we give of ourselves sometimes can start to take its toll and if we do not have systems in place to rebuild and regroup, then we will start to feel just the way I felt just before my trip. ...more

How Young is Too Young for Social Media?

I posted this entry on my blog earlier this week and we continued the conversation over on Facebook. Now I am not a mother (yet), but I do recognise the dangers which kids can face and the fears which parents will have towards anything, and for this discussion, towards social media and generally technology. ...more

The Other Side of the Brand

I'm sitting here just finalising my group's presentation on "Harmonising Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management". It has been a really good programme and I have said it enough times that Trinidadians and Tobagonians, just aren't fully aware of their rights as employees, and their rights in general. But that is an entirely different conversation that can go down a long road. ...more

Why I am not a texter

Yesterday, my friend, Sandy referenced an article on text messaging monsters and I admit, I am not a texter....more

Social Dating Adventures, Pt 1

My Facebook friends would know all about this because I admonish people enough about it. So you put up a profile photo - it's nice looking, a full head shot of you looking relaxed and a bit cute. You maybe trawl the FBsphere commenting on notes, on friends' statuses or photos and their friends follow suit and oh, someone notices the comment above theirs, notices the profile photo and thinks, "wow, that girl is hot" and they click on your photo, get your abridged profile, because you know about privacy settings, and then send you a Friend Request.   If you're looking for a date online, this may work for you. If not, it becomes annoying. (I am annoyed) ...more

Bo Obama - PR Superstar

This weekend I discovered Bo. Bo Obama.   Now while I knew about Bo, what I did not know is that Bo had such a huge online presence. And I am not just talking about articles about Bo, but official and unofficial blogs and tweets and Facebook pages Bo is a social media superstar....more

Pedalling CSR to the Masses

Do you read the cards behind your bathroom door about the hotel's recycle/re-use policy when it comes to towels? How many of you actually know that a towel on the rack means you plan to use it again, and a towel on the floor or in the tub means that you would like fresh towels? But, on the flip side,  how many of you actually take the time to hang your towel, and then the housekeeper changes it anyway?...more

Best Job Ever!

Can I tell you how much I love these "Best Job Ever" promotions that have been popping up more often lately? They appeal to the littlest hobo in me and besides that, it's a great marketing strategy. How else to get people talking about your brand but to offer them an experience of a lifetime?...more

The Two Face Dillemma with Social Media

I came upon a really timely and interesting blog entry yesterday, because it is something that impacts me and I am sure some of you as well....more