A Moment Of Honesty

People always say that time flies by really fast with kids. Maybe that’s true, but it hasn’t really flown by for me. I’m home with my kids so my days with them are long and sometimes very difficult.  So time flying by fast? No. With that said, I can say is that every moment of personal sacrifice I have made for my kids thus fur has been worth it and I’m pretty proud of myself too....more

Things Change, Kids Change...


The Thing I Hate Most About Going To The Park

Aside from the occasional adult who’ll walk away with my kids’ toys, there is one reason why I some times hate going to the park. I hate having to watch Eva try to make friends with the older kids. Eva loves to be included in play. She especially loves to play with older children. Sometimes we get lucky and meet an older child that’s willing to hang out with a two-year-old, but most times not so much. ...more
Totally agree. She's two, don't worry about it.more

How to Tell If Your Babysitter Even Likes Your Children

There are many things to look for in a nanny or babysitter. Finding a nanny or babysitter who actually likes children should be one of them. Here are 6 ways to tell if your babysitter actually likes children, never mind yours:...more

Why Raising Triplet Toddlers Can Feel Impossible (But Still Totally Worth It)

Toddlers are fun. They can walk, they can talk and they even have little personalities, but they’re difficult too. They don’t do much listening, they want things done their way and they’re fairly strong to top it off!...more
Anyone else ever feel the same way???more

How I Lost My Baby Weight

December 2012, approximately one year after the birth of my tripletsLosing the baby weight can be difficult for a lot of moms, especially since we often don’t have time to exercise. After the birth of my children, I gained an additional 15 pounds on top of my pregnancy weight....more