What If We Looked at Female Orgasm Differently?

I’m what I like to call an Orgasm Equality Activist. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. I sort of made it up. I mean, I made up the term Orgasm Equality Movement, but I didn’t make up the idea that females deserve as much accurate, realistic information about pursuing orgasm as males have. Others have made that argument before I ever came along. I’m just picking up their torches and trying to make a big ol’ bonfire....more
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International Clitoris Awareness Week: How Aware Are You?

It’s the first annual International Clitoris Awareness Week (May 6th thru 12th). I can only assume you are prepared with fleshy tones of icing and little sugar pearls for vulva cupcakes made special to feed guests at your Clit Awareness Discussion party later in the week…or maybe this is the first time you heard about it. Clitoraid, the organization that created this most special of weeks, is staying focused on the positive aspects of clit owning for this event, but they usually can’t....more
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