How to Build Your Wardrobe from Scratch: Advice for the Menfolk

Q:  I'm getting a pretty big bankroll for Christmas this year, and I'd like to spend almost all of it on clothes.  I have a few questions -- should I buy all clothes for the winter? Or mix it up for Spring coming next year? What are some of your favorite things that are currently out? When building a new wardrobe, what are your "must haves" that you need to get before anything else. Also a list of your favorite stores would be great too. And maybe show me some of YOUR recent purchases.  I love clothes and am a big fan of name designer brands. ...more

One last word on style: An item isn’t a good deal just because it is on ...more

10 Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Now: Omiru's Winter Wardrobe Pack

Need help defining your look this season?  Omiru is here to help with the return of one of our most popular fashion features: the foundation wardrobe.  This season, we're adding a little twist.  Instead of outlining your wardrobe basics (e.g. classic white button down, dark jeans, pencil skirt, etc), we're structuring our Winter 2009 wardrobe as a kind of expansion pack, if you will, of pieces you want to add to those foundations.  Put another way, our Winter 2009 wardrobe shows you what you need to update your existing wardrobe to stay on point this season.   ...more

Not one of those pieces would look good on my frame. Minus the t-shirt and the big puffy ...more

How to Wear Harem Pants

Harem Pants (aka MC Hammer Pants) may have been the poster child for bad 1980s fashion, but they've been an unexpected comeback trend this season.  These voluminous, low slung trousers may not be traditionally flattering (in fact, they're more anti-fashion than fashion), but they're attracting both ridicule and admiration this time around.  What's the secret to wearing harem pants?  Complement these voluminous, structured pants with a loose, drapey top and cinch the volume at the waist. ...more

I think harem pants are hideous... sorry. :)


I blog about my search for the ...more

Five Holiday Party Dresses That Let You Shine

The perfect holiday party dress shows you off to your best advantage, yet it's comfortable enough so that you can make your way through the room in style.  In other words, the perfect holiday party dress makes you shine.  This season, we have bright colors, asymmetry, metallics, and more to help you do just that.  What will you choose to wear on this year's holiday party circuit?...more

Fab frocks! I really love the Topshop one. I just posted about my top party dress this ...more

Wear Your Summer Shorts Through the Fall

No, this isn't a case of seasonal dyslexia--you really can wear shorts for Fall.  The key is to pair your shorts with fall staples, such as sweaters, leggings, and boots.  (No shorts with sandals for Fall, unless you live in a tropical climate.)  With the appropriate layers, your summer shorts can fit comfortably right into the fall season.  Here's how to wear your summer shorts this Fall: ...more

I love this take on shorts because I much prefer to have tights on my white gambs.  Get ...more

Tips for the Men: How to Dress Like Don Draper

What makes Mad Men's Don Draper always look so sharp?  The key to Draper's style is a well cut suit (then again, his dashing good looks don't hurt either).  But while we can't all look like Draper, you can dress like him.  Brooks Brothers and Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant collaborated on a limited edition suit that sold out in a snap, but you can just look for the following details when you're shopping for (or custom tailoring) your next suit: ...more

The title made me laugh too. Is Don bringing 60s back and sexy back?


The Biker Jacket: A How-To

Biker jackets evoke imagery of black leather, hard edges, and sharp studs. But you don't have to go over the edge to look sharp in a biker jacket. The keys to wearing a biker jacket elegantly are twofold: (1) pick the right jacket (sleek, minimal), and (2) dress up the rest of the look with sophisticated pieces with chic details. Here's how to wear a biker jacket elegantly: 1. Start with a simple, sophisticated base: grey cords (or grey jeans) and a tie-neck knit top. We love the mix of muted colors between these two pieces. ...more

Fashion Week in Review | What's the New It Accessory?

What's happening this week in the world of fashion?  We have style from Paris Fashion Week, the new It celebrity accessory, and six shoes you need for Fall.  Plus, a sneak peek at Barneys' Fall 2009 lookbook! ...more

Those shoes really are affordable. My first reaction was "well, I don't NEED six new pairs of ...more

Fashion Week in Review | Beauty Trends You Need to Know for Fall 2009

What's happening this week in the world of fashion?  We have hot beauty trends (jade nails, brazen blue mascara), new niche lines from urban brands, and six great coats under $100.  Plus, the over the top shoe trend you need to know about for Fall! ...more

Fashion Week in Review | Best Dressed Celebs from the Emmy Awards

What's happening this week in the world of fashion?  We have trends from New York Fashion Week, a sneak peek at the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection, and the best dressed celebs from the Emmy Awards.  Plus, the five accessories you need to have for Fall! ...more

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