Food allergy police

Every Friday in the Man-cub's class, the preschoolers have a cooking activity. I think this is great because I believe cooking is a life skill everyone should learn.But.It's also just another reminder of how the Man-cub is different from the other kids because his food allergies keep him from eating what everyone else is eating....more
I hear you. My kids both have allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, fresh mangoes, and ...more

Stuffed Zucchini

When my son bashes into you

In a crowd of people gathered loosely in a circle, he crashes through, squeezing between people on his way in and on his way out, inevitably bumping into them or stepping on someone's foot. He doesn't stop to say sorry. That child is out of control.At the supermarket, he slides into the eight inches between a woman and the olives she's looking at. What a rude kid....more

How to make a cheap, fast superhero costume

This Halloween, I knew what would be the perfect disguise for me.Super Mom!No one would ever guess that could be moi....more

Artificial intelligence

I have a love/hate relationship with food. But it's probably not the kind that you think.After a seven-month ride through the system of local school testing, occupational therapy, this kind of doctor and that kind of doctor and yet another doctor's opinion, it comes down to this:...more

Tropic of Mom's Not-Too-Short Strawberry Shortcake

Freezing cold in Chicagoland. Otherwise, fabulous.

Want to come for a visit? Get away from ...more

Family weekend travel to Tampa

I could call this post There's Too Much to Do in Tampa, so Don't Even Bother Going There Or You'll Be Disappointed in All the Stuff You Didn't Do, but that title was too long.Our family took the long holiday weekend to travel to Tampa anyway. Why, no reason. I mean, we couldn't find a good reason not to....more

Tropic of Mom's Caramel Apple Strudel

One dream, dashed.(Cue melodramatic music!)Life tells us to dream big. To open our minds to grand possibilities....more

A very merry un-holiday to you

It seems so unfair.We had Christmas Eve on Thursday and Christmas on Friday, then a nice weekend. We had New Year's Eve on Thursday and New Year's Day on Friday, then a nice weekend.And now this weekend? Nothing special going on.So I made up my own special un-holiday....more

Top 10 signs you've been pregnant too long

10. At your doctor's office, they're talking about inducing you. But it was the janitor in the elevator who suggested it first after taking one look at you. 9. You won't be held accountable if you happen to punch the next person who says to you, "You don't look comfy," or "Are you sure it's not triplets?" (Both said to me in the past week.) 8. Family and friends who were once interested and excited in your upcoming birth are bored with you and have now moved on to talking about Jon and Kate. ...more