Hand Her That Wheelchair

The Matron is not yet dead. ...more

To My Faculty Colleague

The Matron recounted much of this on Facebook and will do so again here, to inform, delight or disturb blog readers who are not her friends on Facebook (yet!). Open Letter.Dear Faculty Colleague,Thursday, you needed to leave the faculty union meeting early. ...more

Wherein the Matron Treads Dangerous Waters

A couple of years ago, Minnesota Public Radio started -- no, woke up -- the Matron with the "radio journal" of a young Somali man. ...more

Bad Behavior

The Matron was recently pondering her bad behavior ...more

Closing Her Eyes and Taking that Leap: Faith

The Matron is not well known for her risk taking skills.The most daring thing this middle-aged mama has done, of late, is dog sit for a puppy.   Yes, a wilder streak in her youth led her to Prince Charming, but after Initial Impulse died down, nearly 22 years of staid and steady spun out of that dalliance.That's a whole lot of steadiness, folks.But the Matron turned 50 last November.   This means that the next birthday -- just four months away - makes her 51 ....more

Actual Family Dynamic

Fishing from the pontoon boat? Of course! ...more

Matronly Malaise

a middle-aged witch, me --tangled on my two great arms,my face in a bookand my mouth wide,ready to tell you a story or two ...more


The Matron can't pinpoint when Dan Fogelberg slipped into her psyche (again) but there he was:   "I'll be in love with you."   Over the past week, she's been humming and singing and slurping through all that syrup that is Longer.Which means she's been thinking about Eddie ....more

Once Again: Her Life in Movies

Thanks to her locale (coffee shop) and phone (broken) current picture options are limited.  These are in no WAY doing the beast justice.  You'll see ....more

Long ago the