Raw thoughts about girl-friendships...and my pictorial version of "March Madness" - no basketballs are involved!

March Madness..Andrea Style (read: a pictorial review of March :) I have been a lot healthier this month!!! I have had a lot on my mind this month. ...more

So what if I did turn away from God? Sometimes He just feels like a brick wall anyways

As I mentioned in my last post....my writing posts jump from uplifting to questioning on the spin of a dime. Here's another spin of the dime. I am TIRED of this. ...more

We had a daughter. Then we didn't. Then we did. Happy Birthday Stori...I wish we knew. (a disrupted adoption Story)

Today I ....want....to..... Throw a chair against a wall. Scream until it hurts....more

An "open" letter to your precious yet fairly anonymous Russian Birthmother....my precious newly-minted 16 yr old son.

First...Let's start with some pictures of our celebration of "CHASE"! ...more
As a birth mother, this post was touching. AND FUN! And lovely.more

She's writing about this AGAIN? She needs to move on from her mental health issues says "some".

This post is sitting upon my heart like a heavy secret. It is not something I want to think more about tonight, tomorrow, and I didn't want to think of it yesterday. Yet, I have absolutely no choice.It will not go away and, in this, is my post. ...more

Needles, Babies, and Bathwater. Many wil NOT AGREE with this post. eh.

   Sep12 Needles, Baby, Bathwater....many will not agree with this post.&...more

Aug 31 "Your Dad Has Cancer. Very Bad Cancer." I heard those words 18 years ago. They still hurt as much as they did on that da

My Dad died 18 years ago, today, at 12:40am.  We, meaning a hospital room crowded with many people, had to publicly have our last moments with him...while he laid in a morphine-induce coma of which he occasionally came out of. However, the real fight began 2 years prior. ...more

I can't hear you because I am in my daughter's "ROOM"! (help me!)

I am here .... but I can't hear you because....I am drowning in: Bright, eye-sight-impairing, mountains of little girl attire that may or may not be 4 seasons past. ...more

You NEED to get PERFECT stat....Everyone else seems to be or......

Pictures can be SO very misleading. Oh look - they are the PERFECT family. (um....more