Did I really say chocolate eclairs!! Truly Scrumptious recipe 1 xx

So here we are..at the end of Monday..where are the eclairs..in short..inside the dog grrrr disaster doesnt even come close..gutted as they started so well..WHY DIDNT THEY RISE!! another day another dolla as they say so will try them again tomorrow..I will not rest until I have perfect chocolate eclairs......Monday 17th December..was eclairs turned Banoffee....Feeling grumpy about my failed attempt at chocolate eclairs I decided not to be beaten..I made a promise to do so many recipes a week and I full intend to do it, so Mini Banoffee pies it is.....more

Here we go..Truly Scrumptious :) xx

Here we go again..Blog envy..While nursing a vile fluey winter bug for nearly a week ive been overdosing on click flicks and soppy romcoms..The film Julie and Julia grabbed my attention the most..although Gerard Butler is pretty special :) ...more