Show Us Your Life--Singles

Have you ever met someone that after the first interaction with them you know you just WANT to be their friend? Well for me that is Jess Ladd. She's 25 and FULL OF LIFE!!! She is absolutely incredible in so many ways. She has a huge heart and is so kind. She's always willing to do for others and thinks of others often. She has the best smile and is always smiling or laughing. She is driven, has a great ...more

Night with the Twins

Saturday afternoon we picked up our favorite twins to keep for the night. Drew and Luke are 2, almost 3, and absolutely precious to Kody and I. They love us almost as much as we love them! We went to eat pizza and then ran to Wal-Mart. They are SO good. Sat and ate like champs and then had fun in Wal-Mart. We got home for baths and then layed around and watched a movie. We had their pack ...more

Christmas Day with the Prewett's

It was my Mom and Dad's turn to host his family for Christmas. We got to their house around 12:30 and everyone soon arrived. My Dad made a ham and it was SO good! Our family is funny, a little off, but what family isn't? ;) We ate and then opened gifts. We draw names between everyone and then my grandparents always give us money. I love this special time with my family ....more

Christmas Morning

We got up Christmas morning around 8. i love to wake up in our own home on Christmas morning. It's such a fun tradition we have. It was fun to see what "Santa" brought! Ha! I told Kody that I still believe in Santa because he's never let me down. He visited me at my parents' house until I got married and there's always surprises at our house Christmas morning! :) This year was no different.... ...more

Christmas Eve

This year we did not travel to Jackson until after Christmas. It was much easier and we got to spend so much more time there when we went. My in-laws were probably ready to see us go! ;) ...more

Do You Have a Mac?

Hey y'all! I just got a Macbook Pro and I'm LOVING it but definitely know it's a learning curve. I was so excited yesterday when the UPS man arrived with it! Nothing like saving your hard earned money and feel the reward after getting what you want. ...more

Christmas Eve Eve :)


Merry Christmas, The Thompsons

I wish I could send each one of you a special card this year. I am blessed to exchange with a few blogger friends, but can’t with everyone! I love receiving Christmas cards with beautiful families on them. LOVE it! This year we’ve received a few cards where I took the pictures and that’s always fun. :) I also love to send Christmas cards. To some our cards probably look a little vain, because it’s a bunch of pictures ...more

Party Like It’s Christmas 2012

We’re about partied out, we have one more to attend but then we’re done. We’ll settle in for a longggg winter’s nap. Ha, I wish! Just because this is a scrapbook for my scatterbrained mind, I wanted to recap on the Christmas parties we’ve attended this season. It’s always fun to get together with friends and co-workers. ...more

In My Dreams

Wow, I can’t believe we are days away from Christmas. 5 days to be exact. Crazy how time flies, the year has literally FLOWN by. In a way I’m not ready to let 2012 go, but then again, no time but the present to move on. ...more