This goes out to all my HG ladies!!!!!

Thank you all for your support and I’m glad that I was able to relate to other HG moms out there. Sorry it’s been a bit since I have blogged but my HG came back full force but last night I had my IV fluids and now I’m feeling a bit better. Only down side is that my IV blew on the hand and that sucker hurts now!!! Since it’s such a shitty “disease” I wanted to bring a little bit of humor into the situation and hopefully get a giggle or two out of everyone. =) What Not to Say to someone who has HG.1)     It’s not that big of a pill...more

It's Not Just Morning Sickness

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of morning sickness is: nausea and vomiting that occurs typically in the morning especially during the earlier months of pregnancy. Okay got that? According to the same Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of Hyperemesis Gravidarum is: excessive vomiting during pregnancy. Although they may seem similar, find one women who has been diagnosed with HG and ask her if she thinks they are comparable. Oh you found one, oh! It’s me? You really want to know what I think? Well, let me just shed some light on this situation shall I? Screw you Merriam Webster!!! Yea, you heard me!...more
Been there, done that! My first pregnancy was a second pregnancy I was admitted ...more

Let the flood begin.

Today was… a struggle. Addison is sick, simple little cold; runny nose, very low grade temp, huge attitude. The Diva could have a double ear infection and not blink an eye, give her a runny nose. Good luck!!...more

A Blonde and her Bitching

Here I am again, after mid-night and yet I am not sleeping… Lord knows I want to be but with everything running through my mind I just can’t turn it off for the next few hours. So I said to myself while sitting in the dark, why not blog about it? I roll over and say to Steven (my wonderful boyfriend) where is the converter for the outlet?...more

PIE POPS!! Oh What a Cliff Hanger!!! (Work in progress)

 I know I know I’m sorry I started talking about the wonderfulness called Pie pops and then just left you hanging…. Opps. To my defense it was close to mid-night and I was exhausted.So where was I? Oh yea… mmmmm Pie pops…. *Drool*But what are Pie pops you ask, well my dear reader I will tell you!!! No better yet I will show you!!!!...more

It was a good idea...... but then I got lazy.

I'm baaaaccckkkkk.... not that anyone noticed that I was gone. I made one Blog, whippeee!! So I had a good idea, I thought about it for days.... then I got lazy. Did I say lazy? I meant I was so busy being super mom that I didn't have time to worry about a silly blog.....=P (I got lazy)...more

Project Blog, Pregnacy sucks: Who's with me?!

Okay so here I am Day one. New blog, new beginnings right? Well I hope so. What am I doing here? I have no idea, so you and I are about to find out. Maybe I just need an outlet to what I want to say; maybe I need someone to listen to me babble on. Either way I'm here and your reading, mission accomplished so far....more