The Rest was Silence

My blog has taken on a different tone lately. I suppose it's gone off the skids a bit. I've de-monetized and closed to sponsors. I've also returned to my blogging roots by using Snarky Momma more like a journal to unload about the hard parts of my day rather than keeping an editorial calendar. ...more

Raised by Grandparents: When My Mother Stopped Being my Mother

Can you imagine giving your kids to your mom? Or anyone, for that matter? I don’t mean for a weekend or even for a summer vacation. I mean packing up their things and sending them off for an indeterminate amount of time. ...more
I was raised by my grandmother from birth. She died, just a few months after you wrote this. ...more

Is your grocery spending in line with that of others?

One of the reasons I'm super-conscious about food budgets is because I used to do social services casework. More specifically, I handled Food Stamps cases (although "stamps" are obsolete in most places that's what most people recognize the program as). ...more

I found this so interesting - we are a family of 4 and I try to spend $100 a week. We don't buy ...more

An Appliance PSA

I'm nothing if not honest. Sometimes maybe a little too honest. I can't help it. I believe my purpose here on Earth is to shepherd people away from making embarrassing mistakes. Since my own mortification threshold is pretty high at this point, I figured I'd spare some of you who are a little more genteel. Okay. Look. ...more

have thought it a problem to throw those in with everything else!

Thanks for sharing your ...more

Tiffany's Black-eyed Pea Hummus

Every year on New Year's Day I make black-eyed pea soup with a ham hock (or the closest thing to a hock I can find around here). My husband will humor me and eat it (probably since there's not going to be anything else to eat), but he's not really as big a bean person as I am. ...more

I love them, too. Too bad I'm the only one in this house who has bean love, ...more